GE Lighting 93101228 30-Watt LED Grow Light Fixture for Indoor Plants, 48-Inch/4-Foot, Full, 48-Inch/4ft, Balanced Spectrum

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GE Grow Light LED with Balanced Light Spectrum for Seeds and Greens is designed to fit your plant’s growth stage. GE’s Grow Light uses a balanced spectrum with a red: blue ratio inspired by best practices of professional growers. The balanced spectrum allows not only chlorophyll but also other plant pigments to optimize their light harvesting. Compared to typical purple grow lights, the light features high PPF or Photosynthetic Photon Flux to provide more light for photosynthesis and growth. The white light appears more natural to the human eye, so you can appreciate your plant’s beauty and spot pests or discolorations to help keep your plants healthy. Use the Balanced Light Spectrum with high light plants like tomatoes and peppers and low light plants like leafy greens and herbs throughout their growing cycle.Balanced light spectrum for seeds and greens
For high light plants (tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers) and low light plants (leafy greens and herbs)
High output PPF: 52 micromoles per second
Low energy use / low heat integrated LED fixture
Uses only 30 Watts. Connect up to 8-Fixtures together (350-Watt Maximum) featuring Daisy chain connections. Mix and combine multiple length fixtures or spectrums for maximum flexibility to create the set-up that works for your application

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 49.99

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