Superthrive Liquid Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Fertilizer Pint 16 oz – Concentrated Solution Plant Food Hormone Starter Solution For Garden, Bonsai, Orchids Includes 5 Pipettes And Hydro Empire Measuring Cup

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Secure your transplants, revive stressed plants and produce abundant yields with Superthrive Liquid All Purpose Plant Food Concentrate. Its a unique non-toxic vitamin solution that encourages the natural building blocks that plants make for themselves when under the best conditions, fortifying growth from the inside out. Generations of home gardeners and professionals trust this timeless, proprietary formula.

SUPERthrive sixteen ounces is a highly concentrated non-toxic vitamin solution invigorating all variety of greenery for home gardeners and professionals alike. It is equally suited for hydro-seeding, hydroponics, and foliage spraying.

SUPERthrive Pint maximizes potential by quickly building a strong root base and reducing transplant shock. SUPERthrive replenishes the soil to nourish and encourage the natural building blocks that plants make themselves under optimum conditions.

Since 1939, SUPERthrive remains a primary gardening and grower’s tool to promote chemical balance, increase crop yield, secure landscaping, and safely transplant trees of any size.

SUPERthrive’s vitamins and hormones encourage fibrous root growth, quickly. (use 1 teaspoon per 4 litres of water and soak the newly potted tree for 15 minutes). It’s completely organic and is also popular for orchards, field crops, lawn care, ficus, orchids, greenhouse, green houses, stressed plants or trees, indoor and outdoor cultivation, hydroponic, bonsai, plant rooting, seed germination.

With the excellent SuperThrive stimulator formula you will get amazing results for all your planting needs. Grow orchid, lettuce, tomato, pepper plants easier and faster.

SUPERthrive contains 50 vitamins and hormones necessary for healthful plant growth, including Vitamin B-1. Best known and most widely used plant tonic on the market today, available since 1940. It works with both hydroponics and soil gardening.

🌱 FINALLY HAVE THE GARDEN YOUR NEIGHBORS WILL ENVY – If you have a garden that hasn’t reached its “Envy” potential then try Superthrive plant food 1 pint. A little goes a long way with this Highly Concentrated Non-toxic Vitamin Solution Invigorating All Variety of Greenery for Home Gardeners and Professionals Alike. You only need 1/4 tsp per gallon.
🌿 YOUR GARDEN’S SECRET WEAPON – Unlike other plant products that only have the bare minimum ingredients SUPERthrive concentrated liquid packs over 50 vitamins and hormones that are necessary for plant growth. It really is an all-in-one solution. It helps your plants achieve the best version of themselves under optimal conditions.
🌳 THE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR THE GARDEN HOBBYIST – Often times people will pair Super Thrive with an added plant food in their fertilizer program. This solution can be paired with other feeding programs such as orchid fertilizer fiddle leaf fig plant food and more. There are so many uses the list goes on and on use it on fruit edibles even on trees.
🌷 A BEAUTIFUL GARDEN WORTH SHOWING OFF – Superthrive also has a secret ingredient to help reduce transplant shock. – this transplant fertilizer allows you to get that beautiful orchid or tree you’ve been eyeing at the local garden supply store and quickly and easily transplant it into your garden. The ingredients help reduce plant stress allowing your new green friend to thrive without worry. Your neighbors will notice and wonder how you did it!
✅ BONUS 4oz MEASURING CUP AND 5 PIPETTES – This bundle includes a re-usable 4oz measuring cup that has many uses lasting power. You will re-use this over and over again and will be one of your best tools in your garden. Use the included pipettes to have measure the right amount of nutrients applied to each plant.

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 45.45

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