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Your Tax Dollars

Heres another bit for you that your "unbiased media" hasn’t told you, the
city of Costa Mesa and several other local cities are using YOUR tax dollars to
help the city of Anaheim fight its lawsuit against a group of dispensaries! And
we have Firefighters on furlough? WHAT IS THIS?

Keep following your orders and most definitely DON’T think for yourself! 95% of
DOCTORS see the benefit, HELLO!!!

How can you stand up for the fight against this with SO MUCH OVERWHELMING
evidence contradicting your cause? I guess that kind of answers it for me.

Those oppossed should be ashamed and embarrassed for falling for this!

By the way, is anyone else concerned about the pharmaceutical ads on TV? You
know the ones that have side effects like "may lead to Thoughts or sctions of
suicide" WHAT? And we’re fighting MEDICAL MARIJUANA???

What is going on people? Why do we let those whose children don’t have to go to
war decide on whether we send OUR children to war or not? Or let those who have
health care decide on OUR health care? It’s ridiculous, and we sit and watch.

Get up and do something about it! Write letters, talk about it, this is OUR
Country too.

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