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Will impact investors be the ones to profit from the coming marijuana boom?

Social impact investing is about making ethical investments which, aside from bringing a return on cash invested, has the added effect of improving social conditions, infrastructure, or quality of life. As Colorado and other states move forward with their legalization experiments, marijuana stocks had boomed in 2013-2014, as are stocks linked and related in any way to the marijuana industry.

Impact investors are interested in investing in cannabis and the benefits marijuana provides to society on a health and environmental level, and we believe will start to or continue to direct much investment capital into the production and distribution of marijuana.

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How would the legalization of marijuana benefit the American people and the economy? Industry analysts believe there will be a creation of a new and highly profitable agricultural industry, increased trade opportunities, an increase in the gross national product (GNP), improved environmental conditions, new tax resources, and reduced costs with respect to the enforcement of current laws. With all eyes on the industrial hemp and medical marijuana industry, coupled with the benefits of legalization, savvy social bonds investors are beginning to invest heavily.

While the average non-investor may not have a clue, market awareness surrounding the industrial hemp and medical marijuana industries is informative and can be persuasive.  Social entrepreneurs and business people of all kinds want to get into the cannabis industry.  Some think about opening dispensaries, growing medical marijuana, or getting paid good wages as trimmers. Everyone, from real estate investors to other hard-hit sectors of the economy, are sleuthing the industry and are joining a movement that is changing the world before our eyes.

Recreational cannabis will next go on sale in Washington state later this year.  Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon and Nevada will begin allowing medical cannabis shops to open.  Future news may help support stock prices and create volume.  It could all leave pot firms and with a pretty penny, if federal laws go their way, along with pot stocks, which have been known to fly high with the news.



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