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Why Rosin is the Preferred Cannabis Concentrate

Hash is certainly not new. For decades, even centuries, people have been taking this concentrated form of marijuana and consuming it, normally through smoking, to get a relaxing and powerful high.

Hashish has been used for centuries in Northern India, where it became popularized. There it’s known as “charas” and it has long been used as a ceremonial thing.

Today however, we have come a long way from the dark brown bricks of hash exported from India. With the rise of incredibly powerful, resin soaked strains like Wedding Cake, Chemdawg, and Girl Scout Cookies for example, making hash is more productive – and powerful than ever. Not long ago there were only a few ways to make good concentrates. First came the bubble bags, a system using ice cold water/ice and extremely small micron filters to essentially freeze and shake off the THC trichomes.

Then butane extraction became a thing. This involved stuffing a lot of product into a cylindrical pipe, then pumping butane through it. The butane worked as a solvent, essentially melting the THC into a liquid form. After which it would be evaporated to remove most of the butane. You’d be left with a sticky, golden resin containing up to 90% pure THC. Not bad!

You could even take the remaining gooey structure and put it into a vaccuum chamber to remove more of the contaminants and end up with what’s known as “shatter”. Perfect stuff for dabbing.

Today we have an even better option.

Enter Rosintech.

A few years ago, some enterprising young folks wanted something better than the above options. Butane extraction often left trace contaminants that were undesirable, and sometimes stripped the precious terpenes from the final product. Someone figured out if you take a fresh nug of cannabis and smush it between two heated metal plates at very high pressure, the THC would ooze out, leaving a pure, unadulterated and very concentrated product perfect for dabbing.

There are a few ways you can make rosin at home if you so choose. On a basic level you can use something like a hair straightener. This would be OK for a gram or less, and you probably won’t get the best yield, but it will work. A gram of good bud might yield .2 if you’re lucky. Enough for a few dabs. A better, though slightly more expensive option would be to purchase a legit rosin press. There are several available on the market, and you can even buy the necessary components to build your own. The Cloud Critic offers a great resource on making your own rosin press along with reviews of some of the more popular commercial options.

Ultimately, making rosin is the healthiest, tastiest, and strongest marijuana concentrate around. We highly recommend you get your hands on, or make some live resin to experience this incredible concentrate!

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