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Why is Marijuana a Schedule 1 Drug?

It’s natural and has been PROVEN to have great success at helping a vast
amount of ailments. Whether your need is one due to a terminal condition or not,
it works and ALL should have access to it.

Why isn’t our government concerned about the effects of cigarettes or alcohol?
People die from those and yet there are legal. As a matter of fact WE ALL KNOW
CIGARETTES KILL so why are they legal? Name ONE benefit from a cigarette? Can
you think of one? Didn’t think so but keep picking on medical marijuana, that
makes sense.

How about the fact that the DEA has a schedule of drugs in which Schedule 1 is
the worst and considered to have NO social or medicinal value. Schedule 2 is
next and so on… Well, here’s the kicker…
Schedule 2

Schedule 1 (the worst)

Now, I think we can ALL agree that pot is far less of a threat than ANY of those
listed above as a "Schedule 2" drug. Why do we allow this? This is what allows
the Government to justify the ridiculous amount of money they spend on the "War
on Medical Marijuana"

I we’re in a recession! AWESOME!!!

Our cities are cutting back everywhere but they have no problem wasting money
pursuing the pot industry when they could be making money from it, that’s lame!
Think about that. Your property tax money going to wards fighting something that
is LEGAL by law of the State but the cities want to ban it and prosecute those
involved in this industry, even the ones who AREN’T operating illegally. all the
time wasting your money. 56% of California voted for medical marijuana 13 years
ago, how many stoners do you think didn’t even show up to vote? Remember, that
was when college students and such didn’t vote in large numbers. Since then,
public knowledge and support have grown since then and people are voting now,
it’s changed. Large amounts of revenue could be generated from regulated medical
marijuana, it’s a benefit to so many, a threat to none. Why?

Please do the right thing and help us bring the reality of the necessity of
medical marijuana to those who oppose our cause.

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