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Why is CBD Popular?

Why is CBD popular? CBD is an oil that is often extracted from the stems, flowers, and leaves of the hemp plant. Hemp and marijuana are from the same plant, but CBD is extremely low in THC, the psychoactive compound. So, why does any of that matter?

All Of The Benefits Without The High

One of the chief reasons CBD is so popular is that it provides users with the same benefits as cannabinoids, like THC, without the mind-altering high. For example, someone with chronic back pain would benefit significantly from using CBD oil because of its pain-relieving properties.

It’s Great For The Endocannabinoid System

CBD affects the endocannabinoid system. This critical body system regulates sleep, appetite, pain, and much more. The oil stimulates the receptors of the system and helps relieve many common ailments. You could be more relaxed, experience more pain relief, or even reduce stress.

Relieve Pain And Joint Problems

Suppose you have chronic pain or joint problems. In that case, CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory that does have any risk factors, like drugs such as ibuprofen. In one study done by Cornell University, researchers found that CBD relieved pain and arthritis effects in dogs. This resulted in a decrease in pain and an increase in overall activity. Our bodies have remarkably similar endocannabinoid systems to dogs’, so this is promising research.

The CBD binds itself to nerve receptors in the brain and throughout the nervous system, altering the way our brain perceives pain.

Nausea Prevention

We’ve all faced nausea at one point or another. Whether you’re a chemo patient, have severe vertigo, or just have chronic nausea, there’s something you can do. CBD oil is a natural inhibitor of brain receptors that cause nausea. In one study by The British Journal of Pharmacology, scientists found that CBD acted as an effective antiemetic across the majority of animal subjects. This is excellent news for anyone searching for relief outside of drugs.

Try It For Yourself

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