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Why are More and More Smoke Shops Buying Hemp Flower for Resale?

The hemp flower is a common sight in smoke shops these days, but it wasn’t as common even a few years ago. This leads us to the most natural follow-up question; what changed? Why is the cured CBD flower getting so much attention from smoke shops suddenly? Let’s start with the answer right away.

Customer Needs to Dictate Action in Business

One of the core tenets of trade, in general, is that of meeting the customer’s needs with adequate stock. More and more smoke shops are buying and reselling hemp flowers these days simply because there is an unprecedented, exponentially increasing demand for CBD flowers among customers right now. It only makes sense to stock up on something that a lot of customers are frequently asking for. If you are in the trade yourself, see more info on how to order cured hemp or CBD flowers in bulk at wholesale rates.

Not that this is the most complete answer, but from a purely commercial point of view, high demand is the most important reason why most smoke shops maintain a good stock of hemp products like pre-rolls, tinctures, etc. in a wide variety of flavors nowadays. They know the products will fly off the shelf, especially if the strain is any good.

FAQ: Are There Benefits to Smoking Hemp CBD?

When a lot of people want something new these days, chances are that they have done their research. Today’s informed customers are aware that the CBD hemp flower has certain uniquely beneficial qualities to it. For example,

  • Users and researchers alike report that smoking CBD is linked to a decreased nicotine dependence common among regular smokers.
  • Cannabidiol interacts with GABA receptors in the brain to induce calmness without the psychotropic effects of marijuana.
  • Smoking pre-rolls is one of the fastest ways to experience CBD’s effects as an anxiolytic and pain reliever of high potency.
  • CBD and THC are both associated with temporary, but effective lessening of the condition’s infamous tics.
  • Terpenes add flavor to hemp flowers, making the intake of cannabinoids a more pleasant experience.
  • Myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene are the most prominent antioxidants, anxiolytics, and anti-inflammatory terpenes in hemp.

FAQ: Is Hemp CBD the Same as Marijuana?

Despite originating from the same cannabis strain that’s rich in healthy cannabinoids, CBD products are not primarily recreational like marijuana, aka weed. Marijuana’s psychoactive effects are brought on by cannabinoids called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

On the other hand, hemp CBD products contain only trace amounts of negligible THC in them. Due to the methods of their extraction and processing, hemp flowers are saturated with a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, aka cannabidiol (CBD).

The hemp plant body is grown and harvested from completely different strains of cannabis than marijuana altogether. In fact, low THC content is what marks a strain of cannabis as a hemp plant in the first place. Hemp plants are grown industrially under strict methods to keep their THC content low and psychoactive potency negligible.

FAQ: Can Smoking CBD Get You High?

There are states where recreational marijuana is allowed. If you live in one of them, then you do not need to worry about the THC content in your CBD pre-rolls. Provided that you are okay with the psychoactive effects.

Cons of Smoking Hemp CBD: Are there Any?

The only few established cons of smoking CBD flowers are associated with the smoke and tar inhalation common to all forms of smoking in general. It has nothing to do with the cannabidiols themselves.

As long as you don’t turn it into an addiction or overindulge, it should not adversely affect your health.

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