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What You Should Know About Growing Marijuana

Growing marijuana is both a fun and challenging experience. Those that are already doing it can confess to the patience and dedication required to tend to the fragile plants. As a beginner, there are some crucial basics that you need to understand to ensure you get a fulfilling experience with this venture.

There are measures that you will have to put in place and be ready to go through the entire process without despairing. The key thing is to be consistent and to be patient. recommends that you understand, among other important aspects, how to light up your cannabis growing environment with proper the proper light source. In addition to that, here is what you should know about this venture.

Identify a Suitable Environment

Since you are not doing large scale farming of marijuana, you will be raising a few plants in a closed environment, probably your house. Identify a room that you can set up a growing area, and which you can fit in the required equipment. Marijuana thrives in a cool and dry area with controlled humidity and temperature. The room should be super clean to keep away pests and other harmful bacteria.

The growing area can also be a tent, basement or inside your closet. Just make sure that the area is easily accessible since you will need to constantly check your crops from time to time especially when they are young. You can start with a small space with a few plants to keep your budget low as you gain experience and increase the space with more plants. Remember, these plants grow very fast and will need enough headroom.

Using an analytics reporting system like GrowerIQ, may also be ideal to keep track of your operations and progress.

Planting Containers

The containers you want to grow your plants depend on the type of medium you will use and the manner of crops you intend to grow. You can choose to use a flood and drain tray that uses the hydroponic system for growing many, but little plants, or use the big nursery growing pots if you want to use super soil and grow big plants. Super soil is that which has been pre-fertilized and does not require you to add any other nutrients.

If you do not have access to these, then you can opt for disposable perforated cloth or plastic bags similar to those used to grow vegetables. There is also an option of using simple plastic buckets that are locally available. Those with a higher budget can use ‘smart pots.’ These are perforated containers specially designed to allow air to flow uninhibited to the roots zone. You have a lot more options, but choose what is best for you depending on what you aim to achieve.

Lighting System

Light is a crucial element to the growth of any plant, including marijuana. The process of photosynthesis that aids the manufacture of food and nutrients for plants is aided by sufficient and conducive light without which plants would die. You will achieve absolutely nothing if you fail to set up your lighting system correctly. Depending on the method you choose to grow and the type of plants, your lighting system will determine how strong or weak your plants will be.

Consider the size and shape of your grow room to determine the nature of lights. You can choose one big light or multiple small lights depending on your plants. Multiple little plants do well with multiple small lights, while big plants would need a stronger big light bulb. Another aspect of lighting is the growth stages of your plants. You may need to alter the lights at different stages of growth.

The lights you use also vary the temperature in the growing room. Try and keep the temperature between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit when the lights are on and 60 to 70 degrees when they are off. You should ensure that there is a constant light breeze to keep of mold and flying pests. Consider using a circulating fan for this purpose, but don’t point it directly at the plants to avoid burning them. Last but not least, keep the growing area light-tight, to avoid confusing your plants into producing male flowers.

Soil and Air

As a beginner, you’d be safe starting your marijuana growing venture with pre-fertilized soil or what you would call, ‘super soil.’ You only need to plant, provide sufficient light, air, and water, and watch as your plant’s bloom. If you so choose to use regular soil, then you will have to provide your plants with liquid nutrients to keep them strong.

A few advanced growers are going the soilless route. These growers are using hydroponic media that needs concentrated solutions of salt and mineral nutrients that the plants absorb via osmosis. The medium you choose all depends on your level, experience, and budget.

As for the air, you can use an exhaust fan to blow air into your grow room. You should place this fan somewhere on top of your grow room and have a filtered air inlet to balance the cool and warm air for optimal temperature.

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