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What You Should Know About Buying Marijuana in Las Vegas

On July 1, 2017, it was announced that marijuana is legal in Las Vegas. Whether you are a recreational or medical patient, you can buy marijuana in any lounges in Las Vegas. Thus, the city is the first city in Nevada that will allow marijuana sales.

It can be sold to people above the age of 21. In this post, we have discussed things you should about buying marijuana. You should know the following things when buying marijuana in Las Vegas.

How to Purchase

Some medicine dispensaries that sold medical cannabis need the government to approve before they can sell recreational marijuana. It was released that 17 local medical dispensaries were approved to sell recreational cannabis. To buy cannabis in Las Vegas, you must be 21 years of age or more. An ounce of marijuana will not be sold to you until a valid ID card that shows your age is presented. You can test your marijuana Las Vegas knowledge on trusted platforms. You could rely on a FAQ page, for instance.

Where to Consume Cannabis

You can consume marijuana in your home since January 1. It is illegal to light marijuana in public places such as hotels, banks, casinos, vehicles, among others. This is in contrast to drinking in public. You can be fined $600 for consuming marijuana in public.

Does the Law Apply In Hotels and Casinos?

You might see clouds of hanging smoke in a casino environment. This does not mean that the cloud is from marijuana. You have in mind that federal laws also work in both hotels and casinos. It is still illegal to smoke marijuana in hotels and casinos. A tourist might escape through the penalty of smoking cannabis in public. Be cautious about the place where you take cannabis. Thus, whether you are a medical or recreational cannabis consumer, knowledge is crucial in this matter.

Buy Marijuana From a Trusted Dispensary

There different types of dispensaries. Some dispensaries sell either medical cannabis or recreational cannabis. While other dispensaries sell any kind of cannabis. You can now buy cannabis online from those websites that offer cannabis sales services in Las Vegas. You can get both medical and recreational cannabis from various trusted suppliers. Deliveries could be made to any part of Las Vegas and its environment.

Who Can Open A Lounge?

A lounge is a place where marijuana is being dispensed and used. In the first year of legalizing cannabis, there were 12 licensed dispensaries in Las Vegas. Once your application to operate dispensaries is approved, you can run a lounge alongside the dispensary. Application for permission to dispense marijuana in a dispensary will cost you $5,000 annually. Once your application is approved, you can start both dispensaries and lounges. Do you think you know all about marijuana? Learn more about marijuana by taking the quizzes often. You can also get cannabis delivery services to any part in Las Vegas and its environment.

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