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What Beginner Smokers Should Know About Vaporizers

If you’ve never smoked cannabis before, vaporizers are a great way to start.

There’s no denying that cannabis culture can be a little intimidating to those that haven’t taken part in it. What you need to realize, however, is that people are extremely welcoming and always ready to share their knowledge.

In this post, we’re going to be discussing vaporizers. Complete beginners may not know how vaporizers work or what exactly they do to get you high. There are countless vape pens and vaping systems out there, so keep reading and we’ll get you ready for your first vape session.

What Are Vape Pens?

Vape pens are small handheld devices that you can use for vaping tobacco or cannabis. There are a few key components of a vape pen that play a role in vaporizing the flower, E-juice, or whatever else you might be vaping.

From top to bottom, there’s the tank, the atomizer, the sensor, and the battery. The tank is what holds the eJuice, which is basically just water, nicotine or cannabis, flavoring, and a vegetable or glycerine base. On most vape pens, you can replace the tank when you’ve run out of eJuice.

The atomizer is a heating element that heats up the eJuice when you inhale on the mouthpiece of the vape pen. A sensor is what tells the atomizer to start heating up, either when you inhale or when you press a button on the side of the vape pen.

A vape pen needs a powerful lithium-ion battery for the atomizer to heat up in a matter of seconds. This is rechargeable and makes up the bulk of the vape pen.

Why Are Vaping Systems Better Than Smoke?

Beginning vaping instead of smoking is a great choice because it’s far cleaner than inhaling smoke. If you’re a long-term smoker, switching to a vape is a great way to start the process of quitting.

When it comes to vaping cannabis, it’s a good way to get high because it hits you immediately. This is opposed to edibles – which can be unpredictable – and smoking – which is more harmful to your lungs.

Making Vape Pen Mods

You can shop for a wide variety of vape pens and E-juices on various websites, but some people actually like to do their own vape pen mods. Mods allow you to tailor the vape pen to how much you want to inhale, but they’re not exactly advisable for beginners.

It’s better (and safer) to start out with a normal vape pen and move up from there.

How to Vape Properly

Every vape pen is a bit different, but most of them work in one of two ways. Either you simply start inhaling on the mouthpiece and the atomizer will activate automatically or you press a button on the side a few times to activate it.

Always start by inhaling a little bit at a time. If you’re using cannabis, then make sure you wait 10-15 minutes before inhaling more.

Enjoying Vaporizers is Easy

Once you know how to use vaporizers, they’re a complete breeze. It’s all about understanding the anatomy of the vaporizer, what you’re inhaling, and using it in moderation. Whether you’re vaporizing cannabis to relax or tobacco to wean off of cigarettes, these little pens are undeniably useful.

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