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What are Terpenes and Why Should You Care When it Comes to Our Cannabis?

Terpenes are a well-discussed issue in cannabis- understandably why. Terpenes matter when it comes to cannabis more than you think. It is terpenes that are responsible for giving various cannabis strains their characteristic smell.

Although the most focus is always on the benefits of THC and CBD, terpenes also offer a host of health benefits that are not to be ignored.

What Exactly are Terpenes?

Terpenes refer to fragrant organic hydrocarbons that are found naturally in numerous types of plants and even in some insects. Terpenes are developed in plants as a protective mechanism to scare away any herbivores. They are also useful in helping to attract symbiotic predators and pollinating agents. Cannabis contains some of the highest levels of terpenes, which is why cannabis produces an aromatic smell whenever it is burned.

So why do they matter when it comes to cannabis?

Whenever you are buying marijuana, it may be good to check what its terpene profile is, especially if you tend to be picky about your strains. Not only do the terpenes in cannabis dictate the high or the experience that you will go through, but it also impacts the total number of health benefits to be enjoyed.

Determine the Flavor

While it may not always be the first thing you consider, the flavor of your cannabis can go a long way in heightening or lessening your experience. When consuming cannabis, it always helps for it to have a pleasant and aromatic flavor. Terpenes can lend cannabis various flavor including earthy, citrusy and even fruity. The most common and readily found terpene in cannabis is Myrcene, and it is known for its very sedative effects. Limonene, on the other hand, issues a citrusy flavor Terpinolene lends a woody one.

Impact the Total Experience

There are many different terpenes, and their concentration levels vary. The number and type of terpenes contained in a cannabis strain can increase or decrease the effects of cannabis. Different terpenes affect the user differently. There are some terpenes that can make the user feel energized and more in tune with their creativity while there are others that are designed to soothe one’s anxiety.

Medical Benefits

If you are using marijuana for medicinal purposes, it might be a good idea to educate yourself about terpenes. Just like essential oils, which also come with terpenes, cannabis can have several positive effects on one’s health. The medicinal benefits of terpenes range from anti-inflammatory components to cancer inhibiting properties.

Please note that terpenes are not psychoactive- they just work to influence and impact one’s cannabis experience. Visit swaggterpenes.com and try our terpenes.

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