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8 Weird Things You Can Vape

Vaping is creating a lot of buzz in the world today. What started off as simple e-liquids with fruit flavours and became popular due to its distinctive taste and refreshing experience, has now moved on to enthusiasts experimenting with bizarre things to vape.

Unlike smoking, vaping is lighter on the lungs and does not add up on your calories. While it takes time to get used to the vapour, soon you start loving it with its wide range of flavours to choose from. Flavour vaping is a different experience, both delightful and delicious.  Check out this article for more on how to choose your vape.

Vaping with nicotine, variety of cannabis marijuana seeds and its extracts is common. However, as people are becoming more adventurous with vaping, some really strange things are surfacing every now and then.

Let’s take a look at the top 8 weird things that the world is going gaga over.


Generally e-cigarettes are used for liquids with some level of viscosity. Honey is very thick and sticky substance to be used in vaporizer. But believe it or not, people who have tried honey vape, have loved it.

Honey is sweet with more fructose in it, while it has a relatively low caramelization point. Inside the vaporizer, heat produced by the coil caramelizes the honey and actually burn it. This burnt smell with vapors gives it a distinct weird-smelling flavor.

Though this sweet nectar has no nicotine, it’s exotic flavour and cerebral effect is similar to the  purple power cannabis variety. This makes it very desirable.

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Vodka is the popular choice for many, and consuming it through vapors is the most weird way of having it. While it is undeniably likeable, you have to be very careful with its dosage.

Vodka inhaled, goes directly into the brain, and can make you high very instantly. Mind it, there is no way to expel the excess later, unlike drinking, where you have the option of throwing up.


General myth is that vaping is limited to Cannabis. However, the fact is that Vaping can be done with many beneficiary herbs as well. Thyme is a wonder herb with a long history of use since old Roman days. It was used effectively as a remedy for melancholy.

Thyme used in dry vaporizers has health benefits, including hypertension relief, reduced blood pressure and even relief from respiratory conditions.

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Green tea contains one of the highest amounts of antioxidants of any tea along with a reasonable dose of caffeine. Good news is that, you can actually vape your tea in your portable vaporizer and enjoy its amazing benefits.

Green tea can be vaporized at around 190°C (or 374°F) to get antioxidants for healthy  brain function, low risk of cancer, lesser headaches, and reduced depression.

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We love all things butter! Vaping butter tastes like burnt popcorn. It is tasteful for many, mainly because of DA. Diacetyl (DA) is a chemical used in food flavouring. It infuses food with a creamy, buttery taste, so it’s usually found in products that have butter, cheese, or caramel flavours.

No we haven’t told you the best part yet! When you eat or drink something that contains diacetyl, it is considered absolutely harmless.

It is naturally present in milk products, and even in a few wines and beers.


Ginseng is another Chinese herb with huge health benefits for both male and female vapers. Ginseng is used to treat sexual dysfunction in men. Not just that, it also results in increased energy, less anxiety, lower cholesterol, smaller risk of diabetes, reduced stress, and relaxation. Suggestive vaping temperature for ginseng is 190°C (or 374°F).

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Peppermint is another exclusive choice of herb that offers health benefits and gives you an intense feeling when vaped.

Peppermint is known to treat cold and flu, along with benefits like curing diahrea and reducing symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

You can try vaping it even when you are sick!

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Lavender is an essential oil with placebo effect and offers numerous therapeutic benefits.

Research shows that lavender can lower the heart rate, reduce blood pressure, and even reduce skin temperature. Those who have tried it felt more fresh, more active and at the same time more relaxed.

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Vaping is gaining popularity because of its efficiency in delivering the active ingredient and helping you save the green herb and money.

Whether your priority is taste, health or variety, you would have found something to choose from here. Try these weird options the next time you catch a vape session with your buddies and enjoy!!

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