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Web Hosting for Cannabis Websites

Years ago, most mainstream web host companies would not entertain hosting cannabis websites.  The classified them with with sites unfavorable by society like pornography, cigarettes, etc.  Today, however marijuana is becoming more accepted, with the beneficial health research being widely spread by Youtube and social media outlets and the millions generated in tax revenue by recreational marijuana.  With this, medical marijuana as well as recreational marijuana be becoming more and more widely accepted, and should continue to be.

Today, one of those areas where we are seeing some progression and acceptance (that was not available in previous years) is in web hosting. In previous years, in order to host a marijuana themed website, one would have to own their own server. Today, because of the health benefits being seen from marijuana, more and more are becoming patients and being healed by its beneficial properties.

Because many cannabis users are in fact patients, there is a level of privacy that must be enacted upon.  In the medical field, they call this HIPAA compliance.  HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information.

One of the websites favored in hosting HIPAA Compliance is Liquid Web, a host that not only accepts hosting cannabis related content, but offers HIPAA compliance with certain plans.

An Introduction to Liquid Web’s HIPAA Compliant Hosting Plans

In this article we talk about HIPAA compliance when it comes to hosting medical marijuana websites. We also refer to Liquid Web’s plans and coupons for those who are interested to read more about the technical specification of HIPPA compliant hosting plans.

Controlled substances generally require a proper verification system to ensure that the patients receiving prescriptions are properly identified, and medical marijuana is no exception to this rule. In order to speed up the whole process, medical dispensaries almost exclusively use computerized patient verification systems. What you might not know, however, is that these systems are subject to the HIPAA (Health Insurance of Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) regulations. Under HIPAA, medical marijuana is basically treated as any other treatment or prescription.

Given its reputation, it’s no surprise that the medical cannabis industry is serious about following the federal law to the letter. That’s one of the main reasons they rely on patient verification systems for storing protected health information (or PHI for short) such as patients’ contact information, medical record numbers, diagnosis codes and verification information.

Businesses that are serious about their compliance will host their data on a HIPAA-compliant data center. Keeping the data on a standard server or even on-site is considered a violation of HIPAA. In order to ensure you have the right provider for your needs, make sure to acquaint yourself with the differences between standard hosting and HIPAA compliant hosting.

Liquid Web HIPAA compliant hosting

These days, a lot of hosting companies offer HIPAA compliant hosting packages. We’ll take a look at Liquid Web, a popular supplier known for providing excellent customer support and varied hosting options for over 20 years. Liquid Web provides two HIPAA compliant hosting packages: a single-server plan and a multiple-server plan.

Getting familiar with HIPAA Compliance

According to HIPAA, businesses assigned with electronic protected health information (or ePHI) must comply with strict practices involving storage, security and data privacy. Liquid Web provides a number of hosting solutions aimed directly towards businesses and companies in the healthcare industry.

Liquid Web: Security & Solutions

If a company’s protected health information gets lost or compromised, their reputation could be irreparably damaged. In some cases, the company could even suffer significant legal penalties. Liquid Web’s compliant hosting services place great emphasis on protecting the medical marijuana companies and their websites. Thanks to the physical security polices and backup management in place, any stored data will be secured according to industry standards.

In order to ensure protection against loss and theft, the facility is manned 24/7 and monitored by a third party security company. The site entrance is controlled by an electronic access card system. Insurance against damage includes concrete walls and high security facilities. In addition to that, the data centers are privately operated and placed in disaster-neutral areas. The advanced fire prevention system consists of the double-interlocked preaction system with a NFPA-13 compliant design. Any exterior entrances are secured by interlocking airlock doors, and accessing the data center is impossible without proper credentials.

Liquid Web coupons

As far as HIPAA compliance is concerned, companies like Liquid Web come to host many clients that store highly sensitive information that be confidential under HIPAA privacy rules. However, the cost of such hosting is in most cases very expensive. Liquid Web coupons and discount codes offer you the chance to try the service at a reduced price for a period of few months. For more information on technical specification and promotional codes, visit Liquid Web and talk to a hosting consultant.

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