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Ways To Get A Deal On Cannabis

Cannabis is very effective in treating multiple health conditions and is now medically legal in some parts of the world. It is also known to be a potent preventative supplement and a powerful antioxidant. 

In addition to this, cannabis can also help prevent people from spending more on prescription drugs, which can have side effects and complications if used in the long run.

But despite being a highly potent medicine, this doesn’t change the fact that cannabis can be expensive. It can easily burn a hole through your wallet if you don’t find ways to save your money when buying cannabis. One thing you can consider doing is finding some very good deals on cannabis that are often available online.

So, without further ado, here are several ways on how to get a deal on cannabis:

Find Cannabis Promo Coupons

Researching on the Internet can help you find some really good deals for cannabis. Various websites offer numerous deals, coupons, and other discounts for cannabis. For instance, you can enjoy up to 10% off from coupons for your first order from them.

You can also visit your local dispensary (an office that dispenses medications and medical supplies), but keep in mind that not all of them accept coupons. But if the one you visit does, make sure to bring some with you. You may also want to call the dispensary first before visiting to check if the coupons that you have are legitimate as there are fake coupons circulating.

Check for Special Deals

If your local dispensary does not accept coupons, maybe they do offer other special deals, such as discounts that you can take advantage of. These deals are usually offered to people who are frequent shoppers, senior citizens, or first-time buyers. You can also try asking if the dispensary is currently having a sale or when the next seasonal sale is.

It’s also worth trying to join the social media sites or email lists of your local dispensary. They may offer subscribers and followers discounts and other special deals. By subscribing to their newsletters, you can also get a notification about upcoming sales or they can give you some good deals and other ways to save money when buying cannabis.

Buy in Bulk

It’s a general idea that you get to save a lot more when you purchase household items such as paper towels or tissue paper in bulk. The same can also be said for cannabis. There are dispensaries that offer big-time discounts for people who buy cannabis in bulk.

Even though you get to pay less when buying them in small amounts, you actually save a lot of money buying in bulk when you factor in its cost per ounce. Bulk buying is perfect for those who rely on cannabis for their chronic condition, which may require a regular dose of medical marijuana. Just make sure that the dispensary you’re going to buy from offers discounts for those who buy in bulk.

Try to Negotiate the Price

When you visit your local dispensary, see if you can negotiate the price of cannabis before buying. You might be able to save a lot of money if you try to negotiate with the dispensary. There’s nothing wrong with negotiating as long as you don’t try to haggle them too hard or become too pushy. Keep in mind that they still need to make a profit as much as you need to save money.

Ask about Free Products

You can also ask about some free cannabis products that your local dispensary might offer. See if they offer a cannabis referral program and if they offer free products or special discounts for those who participate in the program.

It’s also worth trying to get to know the employees or staff working at the dispensary. If you try to build rapport with them, they might be able to give you some free samples. Also, when paying for cannabis and you have some extra change with you, try to give them tips. Tipping will help convey that you also value and appreciate the services of the employees, which will increase your chances of getting cannabis for free in the future.


When looking for ways to save money when purchasing cannabis, be sure to shop around. Don’t just go to a single place, especially if there are several dispensaries available near you. The same can also be said for online cannabis shops. Shop around for the lowest price possible and find as many special deals as you can.

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