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Have you recently started vaping? If so, you have probably purchased a disposable vape pen. These devices are ideal for beginners due to their simple design and convenience.

Disposable vapes have become amazingly popular in the vaping world, as they have no batteries to charge or parts to replace. Once the e-juice runs out, users just dispose of the pen and purchase a new one. There is a wide selection of delta 8 disposable vape pens available in a myriad of aromatic flavors, from fruit flavors to cake delta 8.

The following guide will introduce you to these devices.

What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is a close relative to Delta 9 THC, the more common kind that everyone knows about. Both compounds have a slightly different structure concerning their carbon bonds.

The double-bonded carbon in the Delta 8 THC molecule is located in the eighth position instead of the ninth. Although at first glance this might seem like a negligible difference, it actually affects the way the THC interacts with the systems in our body.

Endocannabinoid System

THC communicates with our bodies via the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is responsible for regulating processes associated with homeostasis, or the overall internal environment of our bodies. It functions through a complex network of sensors, receptors, and pathways.

Our bodies naturally produce compounds known as endocannabinoids as a means of performing these regulatory functions. When these molecules bind with receptor sites in the ECS they send a signal that causes a specific change or response to take place.

Researchers are still working to determine exactly how the endocannabinoid system interacts with different areas in our bodies. One thing they do know is that it plays a role in several key areas, including:

  • Gastrointestinal system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Liver function
  • Skin and nervous system
  • Immune response

Some research suggests that consistently low endocannabinoid levels might contribute to many treatment-resistant syndromes, such as chronic migraines, fibromyalgia, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Delta 8 Products

Delta 8 products come in a variety of forms.  Most commonly found are disposable delta8 thc vapes, delta 8 gummies and delta 8 shots.

Delta 8 Gummies

Gummies are an awesome way to consume delta 8. These gummies are super discreet and can be taken even when you are in a large crowd. There aren’t any signs of marijuana other than the effects it has on you.

It is best to purchase weed gummies and edibles from a trusted source, such as the dispensary if legal in your area. Getting homemade edibles can be risky and you may not know the dose you are eating.

One of the most important things to know is that delta 8 gummies can take 30 minutes to 2 hours for the effects to hit you. Many people end up eating too much of an edible because they can’t feel it, resulting in them being overwhelmed 2 hours later.

Delta 8 THC Vapes

When shopping for such a product, you will come across an extensive range of brands and flavors. In order to make your decision easier, you should consider multiple factors, such as functionality, pod life, coil type, design, and quality. As far as pod life is concerned, the model you buy should provide no fewer than 100 puffs.

These devices are small, precharged, and filled with e-juice. Disposable models differ from rechargeable ones in several aspects, such as requiring no recharging or refills. Also, buyers won’t have to worry about buying or replacing the coils. When the e-liquid runs out, it’s time to dispose of the pen. The design of these devices is simple, as it features only the pen, which represents the heating device, and a prefilled cartridge.

Moreover, these models come with a pre-loaded tank with e-liquid, allowing vapers to enjoy a cigarette-like experience. They feature no buttons that users need to press in order to commence vaping. Individuals only need to inhale and enjoy a myriad of specific flavors. Disposable vape pens include no separate components and rechargeable batteries.

Since there are no batteries, vapers have no concerns, such as coping with a dead battery in the middle of the day. The only problem you might face is running out of e-juice, which is when you should get rid of the pen. The name itself explains that disposable vape pens should be disposed of and replaced with new ones after the extracts run out.

In addition, the design of these devices is simple and convenient, as well as discrete. In order for the device to work, vapers must draw on the mouthpiece to trigger the heat. When the heat reaches a certain point, these pens tend to switch off. Unless you control your intake and consumption, the device might burn out.

The majority of the models have a LED light at the end of the device to imitate a cigarette tip. As mentioned before, there’s no button to use for activating the heat source, as all users have to do is inhale and check if the LED light is on.

How long does it last?

The number of puffs drawn from disposable vape pens differs across devices. Two main factors should be considered when calculating the longevity of these disposable devices, like the container capacity and time used for taking a puff. For instance, 0.5 milliliters of e-liquid offers users between 50 to 150 puffs. Most models provide a capacity of 0.5 to one milliliter, meaning a maximum of 300 puffs.

Furthermore, individuals take a different time for taking a puff, depending on their pace and style. Some people inhale for as many as five seconds, whereas others only for a second or two. Consequently, the range of puffs is extensive, from a hundred to three hundred puffs.

It’s important to remember that disposable vape pens cannot be reused. By attempting to refill the pen, users can only do damage to the device and compromise the functionality of the product.

How to recognize if a vape pen is used up?

When e-cigarettes run out of liquid, users can easily notice a change in performance. For example, you will start experiencing changes in taste and vapor production. The best indicator is an empty e-liquid cartridge, which feels much lighter when compared to a full cartridge. If you keep on vaping from an empty cartridge, the aroma will become weaker. Instead of a pleasant scent, you will experience a harsh smell.

Disposable vapes are equipped with an in-built battery, which lasts as long as the e-liquid lasts. These devices are designed in a way to make sure the cartridge runs out before the battery does so. If your model doesn’t indicate liquid quantity, then you can only rely on the production of vapor. If the amount of vapor drops suddenly, it means the pen is no longer usable.

What to look for in a vape pen?

When shopping for such a product, you will come across an extensive range of brands and flavors. In order to make your decision easier, you should consider multiple factors, such as functionality, pod life, coil type, design, and quality. As far as pod life is concerned, the model you buy should provide no fewer than 100 puffs.

Moreover, the functionality of the product is also essential when making a choice. Nowadays, most of the latest models are equipped with a digital screen, which shows juice content, vaping wattage, battery life, etc. The coil type influences the taste of the vapor. There are different coil types to choose from, quartz, wick, and ceramic. Ceramic coils are considered the best, as they use indirect heating, which eliminates the burnt flavor.

Does it cause harm?

Using vape pens is believed to cause minimal harm when compared to smoking. It’s paramount for vapers to use legal concentrates so as to avoid legal and health problems. Most importantly, vaping gets rid of unwanted toxins, causing no harm to the respiratory health of vapers. Therefore, many smokers have become vapers to experience more health benefits.

To sum up

Technology can help make the Delta-8 production system much more efficient and effective. However, it also has the power to contaminate and poison production, leading to sub-par products. Hence, it is up to the consumers to know what to look for and buy trustworthy products. Are you looking for high-quality Delta 8 options? If so, follow this space for updates regarding companies that manufacture safe Delta-8 products!

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