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Vaping Could Save Millions of Smokers

Tobacco smoking or smoking anything, for that matter, is something that people grow addicted to and merely saying that it is bad and needs to be given up does not suffice when it comes to quitting it.

And it is hard and needs unprecedented strong will power and devotion, which most people lack and also people tend to break down and ultimately give in to the power of smoking over again. It is important to remember that it is not just a habit but poses severe health issues in the longer run.

So the prospective approach is to look for alternatives and ways to dial it down and gradually take to completely giving up on smoking or conventional tobacco cigarettes at least.

E-Cig for Cure

This is where electronic cigarettes come into play. Introduced as an alternative to traditional smoking, vaping through e-cigarettes is something that can divert the smoker population towards a relatively healthier alternative. A new study has revealed that millions of cigarette smokers can live way longer if they simply switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

CBD and Health

With so much potential, CBD oil and vape oil are two of the things that can help people with a lot of ailments like epilepsy, inflammation, pain, chronic illness, etc. there are a lot of allopathic cures available but CBD products do not have any side effects, and there is no high factor involved when one vapes CBD as well. The absence of THC in CBD is why there is no high factor

E-Cigs and Health

Smokers all over the world make up for about 6.6 million of the population to which 86.7 million years of life can be added simply by encouraging smokers to switch to e-cigarettes. This remarkable number has been provided by cancer researchers through a very calculated projection at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

These oncology researchers are of the view that even under worst scenarios, e-cigarettes have still proven to save more lives than traditional cigarettes.

A more careful idea still gives a figure of 20.8 million added life years to former smokers, the same study reveals.

This study indicates getting closer to our goal-reducing tobacco consumption-by e-cigarettes as an alternative. It is no secret that cigarettes cause harmful health hazards, the most important being cancer in all its various forms. So it is only natural to try and give up on it. Another counter-argument that is put up is that e-cigarettes are not safe for health either as these cause addiction to nicotine.

This is exactly why the electronic cigarette is considered a relatively better alternative as with this, the individual is not exposed to carcinogens and toxic chemicals produced by the burning of tobacco, unlike the case with tobacco smoking.


One hazard, however, is the lack of regulation and legal status associated with the vaping devices and best e-liquids and this considerably affects the implementation plan on curbing tobacco use. As an alternative to this, there exist FDA-approved products that mainly work to satisfy the nicotine cravings. These products include nicotine gum, patches, and lozenges, etc. These products are considered safe and can be really helpful for quitting smoking accompanied by therapies. One problem is that these products are not as pleasurable as smoking e-cigarette which is obviously a turn-off. One can easily get hold to regulated vape products from LongHorn Vapor Company.

There are several other studies that explain how the health of millions can be saved by switching. One of the studies published in the Journal of the American Heart Association establishes the link between nicotine and adrenaline level hike that may lead to a heart attack. Another study on teens and young adults states that it is 4 times more likely to develop a habit of smoking from e-cigarettes. The importance of these studies lie in the fact that we cannot ignore or turn away from the fact that e-cigarettes have issues of their own but choosing these over traditional cigarettes can still add years of life to smokers.

Nicotine Problem

The scientific explanation for this is that it is not just the nicotine that causes all the trouble but everything else that is ingested while smoking cigarettes. And this issue is effectively dealt with through e-cigarettes. Coming up with more refined devices can lead on to become the more accepted way of nicotine intake as well as nicotine replacement.

This would require a careful policy definition that encourages smokers to give up tobacco cigarettes and turn to e-cigarettes. Also, very efficient regulation is also needed.

A prospective approach, however, foresees another issue of e-cigarette and nicotine addiction to becoming accepted as a whole in contrast to the health hazards of tobacco. This may lead on to making e-cigarette a healthy, safer replacement. Special attention should be given to make sure it is a downhill journey from being smoking tobacco to e-cigarettes to eventually complete detachment from smoking anything at all.

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In a euphoric scenario, tobacco is completely outlawed and the world grows safer and healthier. In a more realistic situation, the battery-operated vaping devices are regulated to ensure health for all, including smokers!

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