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Top Tips for Vaping While Traveling

The days when getting through airport security with electronic cigarettes, vape pens and other vaping devices, (which was more than nerve-wracking are long gone).

Thanks to the overwhelming number of people who have made the switch to vapor, airport security and airplanes alike are letting people travel with these vaping products.

Vaping Rules and Regulations When Traveling by Plane

Electronic cigarettes, vape pens, and other vaping devices are only allowed in carry-on bags.

These devices are not allowed in checked bags. When a carry-on bag is checked at the gate or plane side, all electronic cigarette and vaping devices, along with any spare lithium batteries, must be removed from the bag and kept with the passenger in the aircraft cabin.

Most international airports have smoking zones and you should take advantage of the zones to ensure that you don’t irk or irritate those around you.

Is Vaping Allowed in the Airport?

Where you can or can’t smoke depends on the airport. When making your arrangements, it’s always a good idea to speak to the airline you plan to fly with to check their e-cig policy.

Most airlines now have established rules in place regarding whether e-cigs are allowed on board, with most allowing them to be stored in your travel on bag; if in doubt, check their website or contact them via email or on social media. It’s unlikely, however, that you’ll be able to vape on-board.

Vape juice is permitted in carry-on bags as long as it complies with the TSA liquid regulations, and is less than 3.4 oz.

E-liquid cannot be greater than 100ml in carry-on bags, so be sure not to bring along more than that amount. Your container should not be larger than 100ml, either. For easy travel, you can buy Veppocig e-liquid in 30ml bottles.

As with any liquid, e-liquid should be placed in a clear plastic, zip-top bag. You don’t declare the e-liquid for inspection at the checkpoint—simply go through the security check as you would with a plastic bag of shampoo, lotion, and other small liquids.

Battery and the Charger

Pack batteries and chargers in your laptop case or with other electronics when going through airport security.

Disconnect your electronic cigarette battery from the atomizer before going through the checkpoint. If the alarm sounds, you can simply hand the parts to a TSA officer without it looking like a small pipe bomb.

Whether you are traveling domestic or international, you may want to take a self-addressed envelope with you large enough for your electronic cigarette so that if your vaporizer is confiscated at a security checkpoint anywhere in the world, you can mail it home.

Vaping on most airplanes and trains is unsurprisingly forbidden.

Airports that Allow Vaping

This is subject to change so it is advisable to always check prior to travel.

  1. Heathrow Airport – UK – you can vape outside the terminal buildings, in the designated areas.
  2. Manchester Airport – UK – you can vape outside the terminal buildings, in the designated areas.
  3. Frankfurt Airport – Germany – you can vape inside the airport, in the designated areas for smokers.
  4. Stuttgart Airport – Germany – you can vape outside the terminal buildings, in the designated areas.
  5. John F. Kennedy International Airport – New York – you can vape in the designated areas.
  6. Laguardia Airport  – New York – you can vape in the designated areas.
  7. Charles de Gaulle – France – you can vape in the designated areas.
  8. Phuket International Airport – Thailand – you can vape in the designated areas.

Airports Known to Ban or Restrict Vaping

Airports like Dubai, Turkey, Thailand and Egypt have made vaping illegal following advice from the World Health Organisation.

In their findings, the WHO said that there was insufficient evidence to suggest that e-cigarettes help smokers give up, and that they encourage younger users to experiment with different flavors.

It added that while the products are less toxic than real cigarettes, they still pose a health risk. The findings had a big effect on the governments of certain countries, with some banning vape pens altogether.

For example, Brits traveling to Thailand should leave their e-cigarettes behind or risk ending up in prison. According to the Foreign Office, any e-cigarettes found by Thai officials are likely to be confiscated, and the owner could be fined or sent to prison for up to ten years.

Vaping was banned in the country in 2014, but many tourists are unaware of the new law.

Over in South America, Argentinian and Venezuelan officials frown on personal vaporizers.

While travelers have reported being able to vape in some public places, be aware that you may be fined.

Meanwhile, visitors to Brazil are also warned about smoking e-cigarettes – the country banned their manufacture and sale in 2014 and officials have been known to hand out fines for any product confiscated.

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