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Top 9 CBD Brands That You Should Order From Weed Delivery Services

Cannabidiol is a completely natural compound found in the hemp plant. Cannabis has over 100 compounds in its composition, and none of them has become more popular than CBD. Since cannabidiol has its role in various medical treatments, supply and demand for CBD products are growing day by day.

Whether it is for recreational or medical purposes, people in Canada can now get their supplies from delivery service companies. Most people know about weed delivery from Black Rabbit. Mississauga also has a lot of vendors that offer CBD brands as well.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that CBD became a rising star among all cannabis products. Various studies show that it has a positive impact on different conditions and medical disorders. As a result, people are searching for the best possible CBD brands to buy.

We will list you the top ten CBD brands that you can order from in Mississauga and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Miss Envy Botanicals

This is a Canadian brand and company with a serious offer. They are specialized in making three different types of CBD oils. In addition, Miss Envy offers tinctures and two different THC content CBD oils. This company also has chocolate bars with CBD, THC bath bombs, and even CBD pet treats.

They are fully engaged in promotion and marketing, and they have a remarkable reputation. They are experts in their work and do not have bad feedback regarding product delivery and quality.

Happy Bears.ca

If you want to support a local company that is struggling to stand out on the market, then Happy Bears is the best option. Besides that, they have a wide range of CBD products, and they strive to have a quality certificate for each.

People love them because they have CBD tinctures in various flavors. From unflavored to coconut, peppermint, French vanilla, and caramel. The company also offers free delivery on orders over $50.


This brand is considered one of the greatest in manufacturing CBD oil. Their oils are pure and without THC traces. That makes them the best option for people who want to avoid THC or have been diagnosed with a cannabis allergy.

Also, if you need CBD monthly for some medical treatment, they can send your CBD supplies every month under defined and agreed conditions.

Okanagan CBD

This is another Canada-based company with an extraordinary reputation. Okanagan CBD deals only with high-quality CBD products. They have lab reports which are approved and done by third-party laboratories.

The company also claims that its products are organic and free of harmful additives and chemicals. This vendor also sells CBD products that are THC-free, and almost all of their CBD products are made of premium CBD isolate.


Cannalife is also a Canadian company with higher goals than just selling CBD products. They claim that Cannalife wants to connect people and show them how natural medicine can become an alternative to drugs and harmful painkillers.

They have a wide range of offers that goes from CBD oils to CBD joint balms that can be an alternative to painkillers for arthritis treatment. You can also find terpene-infused CBD oil if you suffer from anxiety or mood disorders.

Island Therapeutics

This is a Canadian brand and another company specialized in making full-spectrum CBD oils, CBD creams, and bath salts. They make CBD from locally grown hemp. Their biggest highlight in the CBD business is CBD patches for transdermal use.

Brands like Island Therapeutics often have customer loyalty programs, and they offer a money-back guarantee on almost every product if you’re not satisfied with the quality or effectiveness.

Faded Cannabis Co.

Faded Cannabis Co. is a small company but with an excellent reputation. They are located in British Columbia. This brand strives to make the highest-quality CBD and medical marijuana. Besides that, they are committed to only deliver pure and potent cannabis products.

This company is not only specialized in manufacturing and selling CBD. They offer various kinds of cannabis products like vape juice or hemp buds.


According to reviews and previous customer experience, this brand has the best ratings on the market and is a leader in the sale of CBD products.  They are very dedicated to quality and sell only laboratory-tested products.

Their CBD products are of different flavors and concentrations. This company makes perhaps the most concentrated CBD tincture with almost 4000mg of CBD. They are very budget-friendly, so they belong to one of the cheaper and at the same time higher quality brands.

Edison Cannabis Co

If you are a fan of CBD oil, then this brand could be your first option. In addition to selling oil, they also have a variety of cannabis products. Besides CBD oil, you can order joint balms, pre-rolls, edibles, and many more cannabis products.

They have a fast delivery service, and you can even buy their products in retail shops and dispensaries all over Canada.


Those are just some of the brands you can consider ordering from, but there are plenty of them. Take time and do your research before you place an order. You may find an even better option and choose your CBD supplier for a lifetime.

Have you ever ordered products from these companies? What are your experiences?

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