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Top 6 Essential Accessories Every Stoner Must Have

It is possible to get your “smoke on” using different tools and devices designed to make the whole experience as efficient and entertaining as possible. For that weed you love to light up, you can use these accessories to stay stealthy when smoking and even to store your supply impressively well.

With so many options of accessories for smoking out there, it can be hard figuring out what will meet your needs and preferences. If you are a novice, we have put together a list of what we consider the top six essential picks that even an experienced smoker will find practical.

Your Stoner Essentials

Your first experience of puffing on a marijuana joint most likely so you tap into more of your senses and open up your world in unimaginable ways. But as you keep at it, you soon discover that different papers and some cannabis types do not blend with, and this gets you wondering what more can be done for you to unlock the full potential of your weed to savor its sweet, seductive flavors.

To take your experience to the next level for that holistic mind and body experience, you will need to use our selection of essential accessories. We are confident that they will elevate the quality of life while enhancing the smoking experience.  And the good thing is that most of them are small enough to carry discreetly in your pocket, wallet, or small bag.

Without further ado, here are the top six selections that you need in your arsenal.

Rolling Paper With Filters

Before you consider the fancy devices, you should strive to master the basic is you are to transition from a novice stoner to a self-respecting guru. For starters, you should know how to roll up a tightly packed joint and not those wobbly weed sticks. Moreover, this should be done using a filter so that every draw is sweet and clean and for that session to last long.

No experienced artisan blames his tools, but even so, having decent equipment goes a long way in perfecting your skills and make the desired product. That principle applies when rolling weed. You should select the recommended rolling papers and implement tips and ideas that primarily focus on creating a marijuana joint. After that, your goal should be to perfect your skills by rolling the leaf filters into your joint.

Rolling Machine

Now you have your rolling skills at the tip of your fingers, but your hands will at times want to work in a certain way. Some people may have the know-how or making a joint but cannot do a perfect job. That should be a reason for them to think that they will never roll one; they can use a rolling machine.

With such a device, paper and weed will go in and a joint – perfectly rolled and tight – will come out. You can find the rolling machines in different designs, and some have a pocket-friendly size. Therefore, you will not have to worry about rolling a few sticks when you run out of your supply while out and about.

Grinder, Preferably A Metal One

When it comes to the grinder, a metal one is better than one made of plastic. That is not to say that plastic grinders cannot do the job. The metallic grinders have superior build and will last longer and are devoid of any smell and residue that generation a clean, evenly ground product.

If you are feeling a bit excited to spend, then get yourself the three-chamber metal grinder. It has a compartment with a screen that traps kief when grinding, thus noting goes to waste. Kief is not crap to throw away, and you can use it to roll up another kind of joint.

One Hitter

A one-hitter, as the name suggests, is a one-time knocker. Think of it along the lines of a pipe shrunk to roughly a standard weed joint. Well, it is the chic way of enjoying your smoke that takes away the need of rolling a joint or having to inhales lit papers. You get to enjoy more of the marijuana.

The beauty of one-hitters is they are durable and look rather stylish when lit and in hand. Moreover, you can smoke now and still load up for another session while on the move. However, the size is an inhibitor, especially for people that want to enjoy a more extended session without having to reload. A one-hitter is an ideal option if you love taking a couple of hits of your weed late at night or first thing when you wake up in the morning.

Stash Box

The stash box allows you to keep your supply safe from prying eyes and ensuring that it stays fresh for use. When shopping for the stash boxes, never lose the fact that your quality weed requires a quality storage option. As such, never skimp on the stash box.

If you want to reap the rewards of having the right storage space for your weed, then invest in the right container for your stash. It will ensure that your marijuana does not lose its dankness when you are out and about. With most of the stash boxes designed to mimic medications containers or pill pots, yours will not draw significant attention if it falls out of your bag.

Rolling Tray

You have carefully sorted your condiments, placed them on the paper ready to roll up the joint only for a pesky friend or rogue gust of wind to know it off, or send it all flying. The filters fall off and are nowhere to be found.

If you have ever been in such a situation, then you will value having a rolling tray. Most of the trays are designed to ensure that your weed, filter, and paper are safe and secure. Most have a section for keeping your paper, filters, and weed separately for easy access and organized work when rolling a joint.

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