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Top 5 Wonderful Benefits of Using CBD Lube

Did you know that the CBD market is projected to hit $15 billion by 2024? It is no mystery why—this incredible industry has helped people improve pain management, relaxation, and even their sex lives!

CBD lube, in particular, has been found to make sex much more enjoyable, pain-free, and relaxing for both men and women. Read on to learn the top 5 wonderful benefits of using CBD lube.

Decrease Discomfort for Women

One of the CBD lube benefits is that it reduces inflammation. If you are a woman that experiences pain during sex, this may be your new best friend. Putting a little of this gel on will help you to increase blood flow and relax muscles, allowing for pure ecstasy during your next sexual encounter.

In addition to the CBD-specific effects, applying lube during sex can make things glide easier. People sometimes struggle with personal lubrication, so this is an easy fix to combat that.

Foreplay Before Foreplay

We all know how foreplay is key to having great sex—but what about prepping our bodies for that exciting foreplay? Users of CBD lube describe their vagina getting turned on before the action even begins. The clitoris becomes much more sensitive, and the vagina becomes well lubricated.

Many users find that going slow during foreplay to accommodate this increased sensitivity makes the experience hot and sensual. If you are wondering how to use CBD lube, spice up the sexy by having your partner apply the lube on your vulva and clitoris before you get it on!

Anal Fun

Did you know that 35% of women and 42% of men have had anal sex in their lives? The reality is that it is a special act for many that can bring immense pleasure for both people. Since the anus does not have natural lubrication like the vagina does, proper lubrication is key for making this a pleasant experience.

The anus is a unique area because it is lined with mucous membranes. This means that it will absorb the CBD well, enjoying intensified effects from the product. One of the benefits of CBD lube before sexual contact in this region is that it will make things flow better and feel great for both people.

Better Orgasms

Some people have reported having stronger, more consistent orgasms with the benefits of CBD lube. It can increase arousal and receptiveness to touch, making both people committed to the process during sex. This increased connection and motivation can lead to killer orgasms for both people.

Do you and your partner struggle with prolonged sex that does not lead to orgasm as quickly as you would like? CBD oil can help you get there faster. Because it promotes body relaxation, blood flow, and arousal, you will be starting from a better point, where you can fully enjoy the headspace of the sex you are having.

Times are changing, and working to improve your sex life is never something to be ashamed of. Taking any way to make sex more pleasurable for you and your partner is something you should be proud of!

Spice Up Your Sex Life

Many people enjoy bringing in new things to the bedroom to explore their sexuality. Whether it is a new outfit, sex toys, or arousal products, taking this journey with your partner will build your connection while bringing some fun to your day.

Trying CBD lube can be a fun experiment that you try. No need to go into it with expectations or demands—rather, enjoy the process and see what unique effects it brings to you and your partner. This can be a different experience for every person or combination of people who try it, so sit back and enjoy the experience.

Looking for inspiration on CBD intimacy products to try? Check out our site to see some great offerings. We highly recommend the Foria Intimacy Sex Oil!

A Few Things to Remember

Before trying anything sexually, it is important to get consent from your partner. Make sure that they are comfortable using CBD lube and that they will not have any sensitivities with the product. Consent is sexy—don’t let what you fear will be an awkward conversation stop you from enjoying this awesome product.

Condom Use

Also, be aware of what your lube is made of if you use condoms. If your lube is oil-based, with a base like coconut oil, avoid using latex condoms. The oil can damage the condom’s surface and make it less effective for STD and pregnancy prevention.

If you are using an oil-based CBD lube, opt for a polyurethane condom instead. Water-based lubes are another option, which is typically safe with any kind of condom.

Price Range

You may need to splurge a bit to get your first CBD lube, but remember that quality is the most important thing. Expect to pay around $50 for a quality product, and do your research before purchasing!

We Hope You Enjoy These 5 Wonderful Benefits of Using CBD Lube

Thank you for reading our article and learning about the ways that using CBD lube can improve your life!! Decreasing discomfort for women, adding more foreplay, experimenting with anal, having better orgasms, and spicing up your sex life are just a few of the great ways that CBD lube can improve your experience.

Give CBD lube a try, and you will never look back! People across the country are experimenting in all of the ways they can experience maximum pleasure—these products are a safe and exciting way to start that journey. Check out our blog for more articles like this!

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