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Top 5 Reasons to Switch to Plasma Lighters

Lighters have been on the market for a very long time now. More than 200 years have passed since the first recorded lighter in history appeared.

This first device worked with a chemical reaction from gas that produced a flame and generated great heat and light. It was used mostly for lighting due to its larger size. It wasn’t until 1932 that Zippo started creating and selling what we know now as regular lighters. These lighters are now being replaced by the more modern and practical electrical rechargeable plasma lighters.

What’s a plasma lighter?

These lighters, which are also called arc lighters, create a plasma conduit between two or four electrodes located on each side of the top of the lighter. This conduit is maintained by a very low voltage that comes from a rechargeable battery. When the arc touches flammable material, it starts to be burned.

Plasma lighters are included in the category of “Flameless lighters.” These are called flameless because there is no fire or flame; instead, there is a red hot wire or a plasma conduit. Advantages of having flameless electric lighters are, therefore, clear for their users.

They are windproof

Being flameless is what makes them windproof. Since there is no flame to be extinguished, there is no need to be careful and protect the lighter from the mild or strong wind. One of the main problems of using traditional lighters outdoors is their low resistance to wind. Imagine you are camping in the wild and in the middle of a windy night you need to light the campfire to cook meals. A lighter that will go off every second will surely leave you disappointed and hungry!

They produce no smell

Many smokers complain about the smell fuel lighters leave on their cigarettes. This situation repeats with matches, and many smokers have tried several brands and types of cigarettes looking for something to eliminate the smell.

Plasma lighters do not produce any kind of smell because there is no ignition or gas being burned. The only smell comes from the flammable material being burned. These may be a candle, a cigarette or a piece of wood from a fire.

They last longer

A regular lighter can last from 2 to 4 weeks of moderate use. This is approximately one hour of continuous use. Regarding use, an electric lighter can last from 200 to 300 hundred uses. Both uses may be similar. And you may think these numbers represent an equal average lifespan; the main difference will be that when it is not in use the fuel lighter can lose some of its content due to evaporation. This will drastically reduce its lifespan. An electric lighter will, on the contrary, stay charged and waiting to be used, keeping its original charge intact.

There are multiple options in the market

Right now there is a great variety of devices with different colors, shapes, and functions in the market of lighters. Accessories and bundles can be bought for instance in There are many options for those who want to buy a lighter for going on outdoor activities or for traditional smokers. Sales and offers can be found in multiple online stores. Remember to check if the features displayed in the product description to see if they meet your expectations.

They are eco-friendly

Electric rechargeable lighters are not going to be thrown away after the battery is dead for the first time. They can be recharged in a couple of hours, and it will be ready to use for a month or so. This feature will reduce the amount of garbage that is produced. Unlike fuel non-refill lighters that are massively produced and in turn massively thrown away.

These are some of the main advantages that plasma lighters are bringing to the market nowadays. Consumers are looking for more varied and more practical options to invest their money in. Most of the times it is necessary, and worthy, to spend some time looking for the best product online until you find what pleases you. Being updated with the latest advances in the area will also give you an advantage when researching and deciding what to purchase.


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