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Top 5 Cannabis-Infused Beverages (Drinkables)

With cannabis legalization becoming more and more widespread around the world, it is only natural that people come up with new exciting ways to get some THC and CBD into their system. Edibles and drinkables are some of the seemingly healthier options for cannabis consumption.

Beverages infused with THC and CBD are growing extremely popular around the world, and today, we are going to take a look at some of the best beverages on the market. It all comes down to your taste, but at the end of the day, the effect is the most important thing here.

What Are Cannabis Drinkables?

People have been making weed drinks for ages, even in ancient times. People have been making marijuana brew and drinking it to relax and have a good time for centuries. Now, we have legal weed in some places around the world, and it allows new markets for weed drinks. That is exactly why there already are so many CBD and THC beverages out there, and if you are hesitant about which one to try, here’s our list of the top 5 cannabis-infused drinks.

Keef’s Orange Kush Soda

This is actually drinkable and a great one at that. With a taste of your regular orange soda that reminds of classic drinks like Fanta, this one has some extra special kick to it. The THC content of up to 100mg per can surely give a peculiar flavor to this drink and definitely produces a strong recreational effect upon the consumer. This drink produces a rather potent effect that might feel familiar to regular marijuana smokers, but it feels kind of different at the same time. The onset comes faster than with most edibles, and you will surely feel it.

XMG Mango Pinaple High THC Beverage

This is not your average can of soda. Packed to the brim with 10mg of pure THC, this drinkable is going to get you high. Thanks to the wide variety of flavors, the XMG allows you to experience cannabis in ways you could not even imagine. The sweet and somewhat sour taste that bites the tip of your tongue just a little bit is complemented by a strange yet pleasant hint of something else. It is hard to put your finger on it, but it’s like tasting the smoke from a joint, but you drink it instead of inhaling. A refreshing drink to cap off a long day; certainly much better than a can of beer.

Kill Cliff Flaming Joe

This CBD-based drink will not get you high as a joint would but it will surely make it easier for you to get through the rough day. Promoted by none other than Joe Rogan, one of the world’s most vocal advocates for the legalization of recreational marijuana, this drink has a lot to offer apart from the whapping 25mg of CBD per can. This is a natural non-sugary drink packed with vitamins and electrolytes that are good for your mind and body. With just 20 calories per can, this surely is one of the healthier canned drinks out there.

Molo 5.0 Crisp Beverage

Molo offers a well-rounded experience both in terms of taste and effect. Being a 1:1 blend of Indica and Sativa with 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD in it, Molo is a perfect drink to quench your thirst and help you relax a bit. This beverage is best served cold. A perfect drink for a hot summer day at the beach and an even better party pleaser. With a relatively mild psychoactive effect, it can be compared to a couple of cans of good beer but much lighter and arguably healthier. A great choice for almost any occasion.

Are Cannabis Drinkables Safe?

Moderation is the key to a safe and pleasant experience with anything, especially when it comes to substances like marijuana. Though cannabis is fairly considered to be one of the safest and even beneficial substances, this only applies to moderate consumption. The same goes for the weed drinks. Remember, most of those drinks have sugar in them, which is not a good thing as zealous consumption of sugary drinks can lead to obesity, which is a pathway to many ailments such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

As for the psychoactive elements in those drinks, they are not something to be taken lightly either. Even though marijuana is not an addictive substance, the convenience of just drinking a can of tasty liquid to get high might get some people hooked. That is why you should approach these drinks responsibly and always remember about moderation.


Cannabis beverages truly are a marvelous thing – they are convenient, tasty, and they get you high. Some people say that it is a better way to consume your weed than smoking it and damaging your lungs in the process. Of course, this argument is up to discussion as consuming sugary drinks is not that healthy either. However, the fact remains, having a variety of options and freedom to consume your weed in a way that feels more comfortable for you at any given moment truly is something to cherish. Drinkables and edibles are not a new thing, but they are experiencing a surge of popularity as the world becomes more open to cannabis. That is why you might give it a shot and try one or two of those drinks sometime.

Written by Lana B., Editor and Contributor at AskGrowers

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