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Tips for Growing Cannabis in Canada

Canada is now celebrating the beginning of a new era since the government legalized the recreational use of marijuana. The Canadian government allows all households to grow four cannabis plants, and many will take advantage of this opportunity. As such, it is wise for you to learn how to grow marijuana, especially since you may be doing it for the first time. Growing cannabis is fun, but it can be challenging as there are certain things that you need to be aware of.

The process will also take some time and money. For a beginner, indoor growing can be a bit costly. However, you can harvest plenty of marijuana from a small outdoor garden. Make sure that you visit to get your license to grow cannabis legally before you get started. Here are five tips for growing cannabis in Canada for the first time.


You must understand the weather pattern in your area. Marijuana is highly adaptive to various weather conditions, but it is susceptible to extreme conditions. Heavy rains or high winds may cause damage to cannabis and reduce its yield. Too much moisture will cause mold and mildew, especially during the flowering stage. You should also understand the amount of sunlight since it helps the plant to change from the vegetative to the flowering stage.


The space you pick for your garden is also crucial. Ensure that your plant receives as much direct sunlight as possible. As the plant grows and season change, it will receive less sunlight, which will then trigger the flowering stage. If you live in a hot climate, ensure that marijuana gets a constant breeze. Additionally, consider the privacy of your garden. Most people hide their gardens from judgmental neighbors and potential thieves.


The success of your cannabis grow will highly depend on the strain you choose. You can choose to use either seeds or clones. However, seeds produce more hearty plants compared to clones. The only disadvantage with seeds is that you do not know what you will end up with. If your seeds are not feminized, you will have both males and females in your garden. As such, you will need to get rid of the males since only the female produce buds. If you end up with only female plants, each will be a different phenotype of the same strain. Make sure you have the best version of your marijuana strain.


Cannabis does well in soils rich in organic matter and with good drainage. If you have heavy clay soil in your garden, you will need to amend it since it drains slowly and does not hold oxygen well. Silt soil is the best since it warms quickly, easy to work on, has good drainage, retains moisture, and it is rich in nutrients. You can also get your soil tested and get to know how to amend it to ensure good results.


The marijuana plant requires a lot of nutrients over its lifecycle. The composition of your soil will determine how you feed them and the methods to use. Commercial fertilizers are an excellent option to feed your plants with nutrients. Organic fertilizers are readily available, and they release nutrients quickly.

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