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Tips For Finding The Right CBD Extraction Service

There is no mistaking that CBD is growing more and more popular. A lot of this is in part due to the past Farm Bill and the new Farm Bill that is currently sitting on President Trump desk right now.

With hemp farmers now able to grow and sell hemp legally in a number of states, the substance is really gaining traction. CBD is simply just one of the many cannabinoids that are found within the cannabis and hemp plant.

In fact, THC is also another popular cannabinoid found within both plants, but it really is the CBD that provides all the medicinal effects. This is especially why CBD is becoming revered amongst the medical community.

However, what farmers, CBD users, and manufacturers need to know is that there is more than one way to extract CBD from a cannabis or hemp plant. And, not all extraction methods provide the same results.

This is why you need to completely understand each method and what it has to offer.

What Is The Purpose Of CBD Extraction

Before you can extract CBD from a plant, you are going to need to start with a CBD rich plant. Some plants are organically grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides, which usually results in a higher content of CBD. There are a number of ways that one can extract CBD from a plant, but it is vital to understand which method is environmentally safe and healthy. Some methods are safer and more effective than others, but at the end of the day, they all serve one purpose.

That purpose is to separate the CBD from the rest of the plant so that the manufacturer can create a highly concentrated substance that is suitable and safe for human consumption. When CBD is appropriately extracted it means that the substance will on contains trace amounts of THC. And, this is exactly why the Farm Bill supports the cultivation and sale of CBD products.

The Liquid Solvent Extraction Method

CBD can be extracted by using a liquid solvent like ethanol, butane, alcohol, or isopropyl. This is by far the most common form of CBD extraction, but it is the most dangerous due to the fact that these liquid solvents are highly flammable. Despite the danger, this method is so popular because it is quick, easy, and less expensive for manufacturers. In addition to this, this method usually results in the destroying of crucial plant waxes. These waxes hold numerous health benefits. Another bad thing about this method is that it doesn’t fully remove the chlorophyll from the plants. Without fully removing the chlorophyll, you are left with a much bitter tasting product.

The Olive Oil Extraction Method

The olive oil extraction method is really more for the enthusiast rather than the manufacturer. This is probably the oldest extraction method, but it is safer and still somewhat inexpensive when compared to the liquid solvent method. The only downside to this extraction method is that the end product will be perishable and has to be stored in a cool, dark place. This would simply be useless for manufacturers and retailers.

Co2 Extraction Method

The Co2 extraction method is by far superior when compared to the two methods mentioned above. This method utilizes carbon dioxide combine with high pressure and extremely low temperatures to isolate, preserve, and maintain all that medical cannabinoids. With this method, manufacturers are going to get an all-around more potent end product. However, the major downside to this method is that it requires expensive equipment and intricate knowledge. There will probably be some trial and error for new operators, but in the end, you will be left with a safer working environment and a more potent end product that is free of chlorophyll.

Choosing An Extraction Company

As a manufacturer, you will no doubt have a number of extraction companies to choose from. However, if you are looking for a company that is superior with all the available tools and knowledge that they need to extract potent CBD, you should consider IHF LLC. This company uses the best extraction machines available on the market and they employ highly capable techs that remove all the solvent residue and chlorophyll.

The Prices And Conversions Available

The price that you will pay is based on the conversion method that you choose. First, they can extract biomass into winterized/decarboxylated CBD crude oil. For this type of service, they charge a flat rate of $30 per pound of hemp biomass. When you choose this extraction method, you can expect to yield an end product of anywhere from 55 to 70 percent CBD.

Another conversion available is converting CBD crude oil into CBD distillate. This method costs $1 per gram.

The lost conversion available is converting CBD distillate to isolate. The company also charges $1 per gram for this conversion method.

At the end of the day, choosing a good CBD extraction service comes down to the extraction method. And, you simply cannot beat the Co2 extraction method.

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