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The Importance of Hair Drug Tests for Employers

Running a company is a lot of work. You have to deal with customers, employees, bosses, and the like. There are a lot of things to oversee and a load of responsibilities to pay careful mind to – that is, if you want to keep the company running. 

Having so much in your plate, the least you want to happen is for something or someone to cause more trouble for you. Say, get you in conflict with the law due to excessive drug use.

Drug Addiction in the Workplace

First thing we all need to know about drug addiction is that it is not always loud. It can also be secretive, discreet, and silent. Drug abusers don’t necessarily go crazy and start spouting nonsense everywhere (check this out). More often than not, they look just as normal as everyone else. In fact, chronic and heavy users put in extra effort to blend in society – most likely because they have to if they want to keep on using narcotics.

This becomes a real problem for many companies. Little do they know, such “functional addicts” are running amok the company halls and getting in the way of other people’s productivity little by little. What do I mean by this? Aren’t functional addicts called as such because they can still work fine even under influence?

Well, at first. Most people who get into substance abuse are all functional to some degree. But at your age, you should know that all good things come to last. Even if they somehow find a way to manage their addiction and work responsibilities, sooner or later, the stress will catch up to them. And we all know how this kind of tale ends. One day they’re in the office, the next day they’re off to rehab. Having this kind of situation in your hands at the office can really dampen work culture – and of course, it’ll affect how incoming applicants view your working environment.

Aside from causing mayhem themselves, functional drug addicts have other ways of messing with your company’s dynamics. For one, they can influence others to partake in their “daily bread,” if you know what I mean. After all, it’s easier to influence people when they see you doing the same and things seem to be working out. So if your functional addict convinces another employee to try some beef because it’s going to help them with work stress, that’s when a bigger problem ensues. They can convince that other employee that it’s okay since nothing happened to them anyway and it’s all good fun. However, just like with alcohol, not everyone handles their drugs the same way. Some people would entirely skip the functional stage and go straight to full-blown addiction.

See the risk here?

So if you are running your own company, or managing one, then you really have to see to it that the people who work under you do not pose such threats to the business and management. Downing a couple of drinks as a team after a long hard day is okay. What isn’t okay is if your employees also down a couple of Mollies. Drugs and work never mix together. And as someone who oversees the company’s entire operation, you should make it a point to keep your employees in line at all times.

How can you this, you ask?

Two words: Drug examinations.

What Are Drug Exams?

Is it like a personality test wherein test takers are given a questionnaire and the results would tell you whether or not a person is into drug abuse? Well, not exactly. If that were to be the case, we’d all be surprised by how people are all willing to lie so casually. Thing is, when it concerns drug use, we can’t rely on people to self-assess their situation. For this type of test, you’ll need more objective evidence to realize the truth in their actions.

Drug exams are testing methodologies administered to isolate or trace certain substances in the body. You see, when people take illegal drugs, residues often register to different parts of the body and can be identified through careful testing. Usual specimens used for drug testing are urine, saliva, blood, and more recently, hair follicles. You can read more about these different types of test in Weed News.

It is said that the presence of drug traces in these parts are more evident and lasting. This means that even if the person has ceased to take any narcotic or illegal drug for a significant period of time, a week for example, traces of the substance used may still be identified with the use of these specimens.

Of course, companies don’t usually have the budget to administer all four tests. This is why if you are going to administer one, you have to choose among the options. Urine is the most common and probably the cheapest way to conduct a drug examination. However, it is not the most reliable as people can fake their pee by buying synthetic urine products or diluting their urine with some other liquid. Oh, and they might use sample urine from another person too as with the embarrassing case of the famous NBA player who turned up positive for pregnancy after a urine drug test (He really should’ve been more careful). Read more about this news report here: https://www.news.com.au/sport/basketball/basketball-player-fails-drug-test-when-it-finds-he-is-pregnant/news-story/fd885d3f9492b21b298cd3eac9c2900b.

Blood and saliva tests are more effective but also have a certain degree of inaccuracy – especially since these specimens are faster to detox. This leaves us with hair follicle tests.

It is said that drug traces that can be found in the hair follicle can survive for a longer period of time and is harder to mask, especially when the test is spontaneous. There are certain products like hair follicle detoxing shampoo that can help eradicate the traces of substances in the follicle area but that would the person has to take a bath first before it effects. With that being said, spontaneity can be your weapon in this case.

Again, running a company is hard and challenging. We understand if you would want to fix problems down to its root so that you can avoid the worst things from happening. Best be careful than sorry, I’d always say!

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