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The Importance of Content Writing in Cannabis Business Marketing

The terms content and content marketing are bandied about with almost lackadaisical effort. We believe this can lead cannabis entrepreneurs to treat content as another marketing tool. Nothing could be further removed from the truth.

The fact is, content is the most important tool at the disposal of any cannabis business. By its very nature, it is designed to attract and retain an audience of potential consumers. Successful content provides value for your customers and your business. It will allow you to educate audiences and define the type of campaigns you should deploy.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the importance of content writing.

Content is King

This is one of the most important aspects for a cannabis business to succeed. Great content allows you to provide value to your customers. It helps raise their awareness of your brand, nurtures engagement, and creates honest and engaging conversations. In turn, this helps to create profitable customer interactions.

However, cannabis business owners think they can get away with keyword stuffing and SEO oriented content. While content should have an SEO focus, it needs to be interesting and relevant to their potential customers. When your cannabis business provides relevant content in the form of blogs or articles, it will gain something invaluable: a voice.

Creating and distributing engaging content is an incredibly effective strategy for cannabis business marketing. Visualize your customers as being hungry for interaction and constantly eager to learn. With this in mind, you can deploy different styles of blogs and articles you can to engage with your audience:

  • How-to’s: Instructional articles that offer a fix to customer problems.
  • Lists: A topic is broken down into more digestible forms that are also easier to share.
  • Interviews: A conversation with somebody your audience would find interesting.
  • Reviews: Content that provides valuable information and helps to build trust.
  • Tips: Share a variety of tips and tricks with your customers to inspire and engage.

Content is Forever

Content is king. We’ve covered that already. But did you know content is forever?

When you create great content, it’s a resource that constantly brings you returns. A blog post or article that proves itself valuable to an audience will remain valuable. The content will continue to generate returns and leads without any further effort on your part.

Rank Higher

The success of a cannabis business can often come to rely on a single thing: search engines. When your customers are looking for you, they need to to be able to find you. By implementing effective and engaging content strategies, you can increase digital traffic to your website and foot traffic to your medical dispensary.

All of your content creation efforts should be focused on landing your cannabis website on the first page of search results. The advantages are manifold:

  • Establish Authority: Research proves that the top 3 results receive 70% of the traffic. Don’t forget that statistic: great content gets your cannabis business seen – and visited.
  • Targeted Efforts: You can deploy content that can engage a particular niche customer or use it to help expand your audience.  Practice good Dispensary SEO to target cities around your dispensary.
  • Resonate: Finely tuned content spreads and builds organic momentum for your cannabis business. This makes for irresistible conversions and will help your business flourish.
  • Create Shareable and Valuable Content: Creating shareable and valuable content will help your site to get picked up by other sites, sometimes even rank on directories for recommended blogs (ex. Otherside Farms on Feedspot’s Top 100 Cannabis Blogs)

Forges Relationships

When you create great content, you create value. This is essential to forging relationships with your audience. You see, people don’t want to be sold to. But they do want relevant information that is meaningful to them.

By providing that, you establish three things:

  • Familiarity
  • Credibility
  • Trust

The benefit for a cannabis business is a lasting relationship that delivers long-term returns.

Authentic Voice

The consumers of today are sophisticated. They look for honest and meaningful interactions with brands. If you want their business, you need to create and share authentic content that resonates with them.

Your cannabis business needs to establish a voice for itself. To do so, it needs to come across via the content you provide. When you filter that voice through the vision you have for your business, you will give off an authentic vibe that will make your cannabis business grow.


Anyone can create content, it’s true. But not anyone can great content. Engaging and effective content requires a strategic approach and a commitment to providing value. It’s more than just putting up a weekly blog or a click-worthy call to action.

Content writing is essential to success in the cannabis industry.

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