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The Growing Trends of CBD

As you probably already know, under the District of Columbia’s Initiative 71, adults ages 21 years and older may legally possess and cultivate limited amounts of marijuana; up to 6 marijuana plants within an individual’s residence to be precise.

…That’s great and all, but who actually has time for all of that? Seriously.

If you’re living in D.C. or the surrounding metropolitan areas, it likely means that you work and commute crazy hours. Your small bit of free time is (probably) preferably spent unwinding with friends at brunch, catching up on your sleep, tending to relationships, or your own self-care.

It’s highly unlikely that you also have the desire and energy to properly nurture the high maintenance needs of a bunch of marijuana plants out of your old row home or tiny apartment closet. That, and the fact that their food items are genuinely delicious.

Well, guess what Buttercup! They now have even more goodies in the shop to choose from.

The new food items are among the best that D.C.’s local food scene has to offer, but what’s even better is that LOCAL’d now has a larger array of on-demand Cannabis-derived products for you and your friends.

One of my favorite new gifts to order is the CBD oil cartridges. These easily pop on to the rechargeable battery (sold separately as an “add-ons”) and work exactly like any other portable vape pen on the market.

What exactly is CBD you ask?

Cannabidiol (also known as CBD) is one of the 113+ different active compounds in a Marijuana plant.  You’ve probably heard of it, but do you really know what using CBD feels like?

The experience of using CBD oil can best be described by comparing the effects to a quiet yet h3, noticeable sense of relief. After ingesting it, the user will quickly start to notice a generally more relaxed, comfortable state of being. Based on my own firsthand experience with CBD products, I full-heartedly believe in the power of CBD to make a profound difference in people’s quality of life.

It has been shown to have a wide array of medical uses, and what’s awesome is the compound manages to work without any psychoactive results.

“Taken on its own, CBD has sedative, anti-anxiety, and antidepressant effects on the brain, but does not create any overtly psychoactive high like THC.” (http://bit.ly/localdsource1).

This means that users don’t feel “high” when they use it, which is exactly what those of us who work all of the time need most; A relief from our aches and pains and relief from our never-ending stress and anxiety, without feeling any loss of control or impaired mental functioning! It’s truly a superhero to add to your holistic health arsenal.

For those times when it’s best to give our bodies and minds a break from the heady-effects of smoking weed, there is now another wonderful alternative: CBD.

What can CBD do for people?

There are many groups studying the uses and effects of CBD, with worldwide research taking place. Still, the compound is somewhat unknown, but here is a quick list of just some of the ailments that have been shown to respond well to this treatment :

  • Treats pain by blocking pain receptors
  • Treats inflammation and diseases and pain caused by inflammation
  • Prevents diabetes by helping the body maintain proper glucose levels
  • Relieves pain associated with painful cancer treatments
  • Relieves anxiety and PTSD symptoms
  • Treats Epilepsy by reducing seizures and fits
  • Treats drug addiction and withdrawal symptoms

Does CBD mean there’s no TCH included at all?

Sometimes, but not always. Through selective breeding, marijuana growers have been able to create strains with high levels of CBD. Some strains contain high levels of both CBD and THC, while others have little to no THC (http://bit.ly/localdsource2).

Because of the ability to create CBD compounds with micro or untraceable levels of TCH, more and more people are starting to put their trust in it. Some people feel so safe using the oil that they are even taking it upon themselves to treat their pets. Dr. Wendy Kramer, a B.C. veterinarian, explains: “If we use part of the cannabinoids that are involved with the hemp plant, we get great healing benefits. It’s the THC compound…that makes someone stoned” (http://bit.ly/localdsource3).

The most famous CBD-rich strain is Charlotte’s Web, created by the Stanley brothers in Colorado. This is currently the strain of the CBD cartridges that LOCAL’d is gifting to their customers.

Originally called “Hippie’s Disappointment”, the totally non-psychoactive strain was renamed in honor of a young girl named Charlotte Figi. The girl’s parents used the strain to combat her severe seizures caused by Dravet syndrome, without giving their daughter the side effects of getting high.

While THC is not legal in every state on a federal level, CBD deriving from hemp with low enough THC levels is.

CBD Side Effects?

For those unfamiliar with the minor side effects of using CBD oil, be aware that it may cause tiredness. “Many small-scale studies have looked into the safety of CBD in adults and found that it is well-tolerated across a wide range of doses” (http://bit.ly/localdsource4).

**Be Advised: As with any new or alternative treatment option, a patient should discuss CBD with a qualified healthcare practitioner before use in treating a medical issue**

This post was written by Dom Vanuchi, Owner of PureMed. PureMed is a CBD store in Washington DC. We know that the best product comes from the best ingredients. That’s why we only use local, non-GMO ingredients that are grown without pesticides! We Produce Worry-Free CBD.

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