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The Grass Can Be Greener Here: How to Grow Marijuana Like a Pro

Are you looking for successful ways of growing marijuana to get your fix? Do you need recreational marijuana, but are tired of paying the overinflated prices for them on the market? If so, then you need to learn more about how to grow marijuana.

Doing so will help you learn the intricate—yet simple—process of growing marijuana from seed. This will help you take even more pride in the cannabis that you intake because you’ve grown it yourself.

See below for a step-by-step guide on how to grow marijuana effectively and turn it into a luscious green cannabis plant that you can smoke, eat, etc.

Find the Ideal Climate

First things first, you need to consider where you will be growing your marijuana. This takes a bit more consideration than you might’ve thought.

Ideal temperatures for growing cannabis are anywhere between 65° to 75° Fahrenheit. If the temperature gets too much higher or lower, it can be detrimental to the plant’s growth. If too low, it can also cause the marijuana plant to die.

You might also have a tough time dealing with the elements if you choose to grow them outside. Too much rain can cause mold growth, while high winds can cause the plant to tear.

This is why so many people decide to grow their marijuana indoors. That way, they can protect it from the elements and control the temperature at all times. It also allows you to control the plant’s access to ultraviolet rays.

Choose Your Seeds

A significant factor to the success of your growing marijuana is the type of seeds you choose to plant in your designated garden.

You will want to find a marijuana plant strain that has shown success growing in the climate that you live in. For example, if you’re growing a marijuana plant in Seattle then you’ll want to find a plant that does well in cooler climates with limited sun.

You have two primary options for selecting your plants: seeds or clones. Clones are seedlings that you can purchase from local dispensaries to grow your weed. However, history shows that they tend to be less potent.

With seeds, you have the opportunity to create a plant that’s far lusher and has a higher potency when you smoke it through a bong, bake it in a brownie mixture, and so on.

Speaking of bongs, be sure to look through these bongs for sale to have a way of enjoying your marijuana plants once they’re ready to be harvested.

Choose Your Source of Light

If you have chosen to grow your marijuana outside, then you’ve already subconsciously selected your light source—the sun.

For those of you that want to grow your plants inside, you have a few more options to emulate the ultraviolet lights.

We recommend using either Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC) lights, Metal Halide (MH) lights or LED grow lights. All three offer a cost-efficient lighting option with a track record of growing marijuana (and other plants) successfully indoors.

Choose Your Growing Element

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to grow your marijuana in a soil medium if you don’t want to. You can choose from options such as soil or hydroponics.

If you choose solid, then compost is going to be your best friend. It requires a bit more work on your end, but the results are a lush and potent plant that you’ll enjoy smoking. It contains a significant amount of nutrients that get fed into the seeds that you plant.

For those of you interested in the hydroponics route, this method is a soilless method in which the plant is grown directly in a pool of water—hence the “hydro” in the name. Some experts claim this produces the fastest and most efficient results of the two forms.

Invest in Fertilizer and Containers

After you’ve chosen the medium that you’ll use to grow your plants, it’s time for you to invest in fertilizer and containers.

We highly recommend investing in organic fertilizers, which come from 100-natural resources, are eco-friendly, and are free of any chemicals that could stunt your plants’ growth.

For containers, you might consider things such as biodegradable bags, pots, buckets, or even compact barrels to place your seeds inside of.

The ideal choice depends on the climate you’ve chosen to grow them in. If you’ve chosen to grow them outside, then the ground is—of course—the best option.

If you’ve chosen to grow your marijuana indoors, then it’s a matter of spacing, the number of plants you’re trying to grow, and personal preference on containers.

Once you’ve selected your containers, it’s time to germinate the seeds, then plant them inside the container you’ve chosen.

Aid Your Plant’s Growth

When it comes to helping your plant’s growth, the keyword is “consistency”. Make sure your climate is always within that 65° to 75° climate.

Be reserved with the number of additional nutrients that you throw in. The bigger priority is ensuring that your pH is in a good state at all times.

Keep the lights on for the full 24 hours (20 hours minimum) to ensure your plants are getting the amount of UV light they need.

How to Grow Marijuana: Harvest Your Weed and Enjoy

Now that you know how to grow marijuana, all that’s left is to harvest your weed once the buds have stopped growing new white hairs and the current hairs have darkened.

All you need for that part is a pair of trusty scissors, then trim the buds off of the marijuana plant. Let those buds dry out before you place them in mason jars to be stored.

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on how to grow marijuana, as well as many other topics that you will find helpful.

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