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The Case for Growing Your Own Medical Marijuana

Now that the eventual legalization of medical marijuana appears to be almost certain in the United States, everyone from the casual grower to big corporations are making plans to cash in. Although this might actually be what it takes to push this legislation through on the federal level, it could also mean that the patients who need this all-natural medicine the most will be the ones who can least afford it. After all, the US government never seems to have a problem taking a great idea and bastardizing it until it bears little resemblance to the original concept.

If you think that could never happen to medical marijuana, here are some statistics compiled by Change Strategy LLC that the big drug companies are watching closely:

  • The current US MMJ Industry is a $1.7 billion market.
  • This only covers the seven states that have legal markets.
  • Only 730,000 people are authorized MMJ patients as of 2011.
  • 24.8 million people in the US have a condition that would qualify them to become MMJ patients.
  • The US MMJ market is expected to double within 5 years.

When you consider that the majority of MMJ patients suffer from chronic pain (88% in Colorado) and that narcotic pain medications are dirt cheap when purchased through legitimate channels, it doesn’t take a high IQ to figure out that the pharmaceutical companies would love to corner this market.

Know What You Put in Your Body
The one saving grace of most state MMJ laws is that they allow MMJ patients and/or their caregivers to grow a reasonable amount of cannabis for their own use. Not only does this sensible plan allow patients to keep their expenses low compared to purchasing from dispensaries, it also gives them control over what they’re putting into their bodies right down to what kind of fertilizer is used.

Choosing the Right Cannabis Seed
Believe it or not, all marijuana is not considered medicinal. In the past, breeders have focused on the recreational user and only sprinkled in a few random choices for the medicinal marijuana patient. Now that this market is expanding, so are your choices.

Here are a few top picks for the MMJ patient:

  • White Rhino (Seed) – Winner of the 1996 High Times Cannabis Cup for the best BIO strain, this is the quintessential cannabis seed grown for medicinal use, especially for pain and insomnia.  White Rhino is easy to grow with intense physical effects, high yields and a sweet, fruity flavor.
  • Amnesia Haze (Seed) – This medicinal strain is usually recommended to relieve depression and loss of appetite.  Amnesia Haze is one of the highest producing medicinal strains with yields that can reach up to two pounds per plant when grown outside. The flavor is typical of Sativa strains with hints of spice and nuts.
  • CBD Crew (Breeder) – This new breeder concentrates exclusively on high-CBD strains for medicinal use. When CBD is high in proportion to THC, it tempers the psychoactive properties, the high, and enhances the physical effects for more effective treatment options.  CBD Crew’s most popular option right now is their Outdoor Mix package, a selection of five feminized outdoor medicinal seeds with even CBD to THC ratios.
  • Finest Medical Seeds (Breeder) – As an established MMJ breeder, Finest Medical offers classics like White Widow and Skunk along with newer blends like G13 and Peace Maker. Every cannabis seed in this lineup has been tested and refined to maximize the medicinal properties.

Obtain Your Seeds from a Trustworthy Source
Rhino Seeds has been a top supplier of high-quality cannabis seeds in the UK for more than 10 years, and they’ve just opened their shipping to the United States. Their seed bank includes thousands of products from more than 50 breeders including medicinal seeds, feminized seeds, high-THC seeds, classic strains, new releases and the upcoming Rhino Collection of Cannabis Seeds, their own signature line. Rhino Seeds takes pride in offering the best customer service in the industry in addition to an unbeatable guarantee, the lowest prices and the fastest shipping.

If it’s legal to do so in your area, the smartest choice is to grow your own medical marijuana from high-quality cannabis seeds. Always choose a strain that treats your specific symptoms and buy from a trusted source! Contact Rhino Seeds for more information. They’re happy to help.

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