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The Autoflowering Strains of the Ministry of Cannabis

Today, autoflowering seeds are the more financially advantageous option for commercial and guerrilla cannabis growers as these strains hardly give any hard time to the growers and grow on their own in a much lesser time compared to other regular seeds, be it Indica or Sativa.

21[1]Their shorter flowering period allows the growers to get good returns on the investments quickly, not to mention the fact that with auto-flowering seeds, the growers can hope for multiple yields in a year and not just one or two that they get with regular cannabis seeds.

Ministry of Cannabis offers a wide range of auto-flowering seeds that are high in demand. Let us take a look at each of these seeds and what makes them special from others.

  1. Auto Blue Amnesia Feminized: The cannabis supplier crossed Blueberry and Amnesia to get Auto Blue Amnesia feminized. In such a hybrid the sativa traits are abundantly present in the auto-flowering version. The smell of the strain is floral and in the mouth it gives a bubblegum taste. Even the most experience and veteran cannabis smokers that the high it offers is very quick and hard.
  2. Auto Mary Jane Feminized: This has a flowering period of just 9 weeks and is one of the early finishers by Ministry of Cannabis. What makes it special is its self-resisting characteristic as it helps the plant fight against diseases and moulds on its own. The plant grows on the main cola and has few branches around it.
  3. Auto White Widow Feminized: White Widow is one of the legends in the world of cannabis and has continued to be amongst the best selling ones since its inception. The auto-flowering version of the seed with Ministry of Cannabis has no different story to tell as it continues to be one of their flagship offering. Usually White Widow takes around 12 weeks of time but its auto-flowering version saves the grower at least 25% of this time.
  4. Auto Blueberry Domina Feminized: This superpower Indica dominant auto-flowering strain results when Black Domina and Blueberry are crossed. Within 65 days the growers can expect thick and heavy buds that are resin frosted. The hashy aftertaste and berry aroma makes it a hit amongst the smokers.
  5. Auto Silver Bullet Feminized: This creates a Sativa effect within a plant, which can finish the whole cycle, right from its seed in just around 70 days. One of its very famous ancestors is Silver Haze. This very interesting auto-flowering strain develops long branches that are loaded with thick buds. The full body high is vivid, lucid and happy.
  6. Autopilot XXX Feminized: With this offering of Ministry of Cannabis the smokers can enjoy the typical characters of Big Bud XXL but in an autoflowering version. These strains are big and are indica dominant with a flowering period of around 60 to 65 days. Ease of growing this strain makes it a hit even with the beginner growers and the generous harvest always makes it a commercially feasible choice.

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