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Tangerine Skunk


Origin: Tangerine kush is a sativa dominant hybrid. The bud has a potent medicine and tangerine peal smell with a spicy undertone. Very dense dark green nugs with light orange and tangerine hairs, with a good amount of trichomes and calyxes. It has a citrus and pine taste with a fruity aftertaste. The high is clear headed and makes you feel very loose and light. Patients who would benefit from this are those who suffer anxiety, depression, body aches, and minor head aches.

Great for medical patients with complaints of pain, headache/migraine, or insomnia.
For a list of ailments treated: Click Here

Looks: Covered with long yellow and orange hairs.  Frosty leaves.

Smell: Nice smell of Tangerine/Orange.

Taste: Tastes sweet with a cool finish. Mellow, smooth and subtle.

Buzz Type: Smooth and long lasting.  Quite potent and creeps up a few minutes later.

Overall: This variety has been specifically bred to be light, mellow and calm with the perfect combination of smell, flavor and taste.

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