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Is Synthetic Urine The Best Way To Pass A Marijuana Drug Test?

We are living in an age where privacy no longer matters, from online hacks all the way to government and company scrutiny. Before you are hired or rehired for a job, the interviewing panel will want to take a peek at your urine-yes, you heard me right.

If you are a cannabis user or any other substance, whether medicinal or not, then the news that you have to be drug tested will hit you harder than the Thor’s hammer. And why? Because you know you will fail. Usually, this notice is issued just a few hours before the interview session making it extremely hard for candidates to do a thorough THC detox. Some cheap tricks you get online for a speedy clean up will not help in this case.

The only sound decision is to purchase synthetic urine and substitute your sample with it.

Is this the best way?

Yes, it is. Synthetic urine, if properly prepared, can help you pass the drug test and secure the job that you badly wanted. However, there are thorough tests done to expose any adulterated urine samples. That’s why you have to search for laboratory grade, pH balanced solution that perfectly mimics the characteristics of real urine.  Be aware that labs are aware of every trick in the book, so finding reliable synthetic urine is a must if you want to go this route.

The indicators of real urine

Real urine is identified by the presence of urea and uric acid in it, and this is what most urine testers look for. The absence of these substances indicates that the sample provided is fake. Cheap synthetic urine will degrade with time losing these two key indicators. Therefore, if you want to pass a marijuana drug test, choose high-quality urine samples with longer shelf life.

Valuable pointers to note

A few years ago it was very easy to use fake urine to pass a drug test, but nowadays, it’s not so simple. Yes, synthetic urine will give you a free pass, but you have to know when it can be used, when not, and which company brands to rely on whenever you need the best quality product.

Here is what you have to check before using synthetic urine:

  1. There will be no supervision at all or at least minimal supervision

If you know no one will be watching as you piss in the cup, you are free to use the fake urine. If the test is supervised, but you are sure that no one will ask you to pull down your panties to your knees and observe as you urinate, it is also possible to substitute sample using synthetic urine belt.

  1. Your synthetic urine is reliable

The market is rife with rip-off products that either worked once or have never worked at all. If you are sure the sample you are carrying can pass the test, it’s okay to go ahead. The reliable brands are: Quick Fix, PeePack and Monkey Flask.  Unreliable urine can turn out like the example in the video below:

  1. Your sample has proper temperature

Most labs now check the temperature of the sample. It must be between 90°F and 100°F. You can warm up the synthetic urine with heat pads or in microwave and control the temperature with the temperature strips attached to the bottles.

The bottom line

If you are a frequent marijuana user and suspect that you may be subjected to a drug test someday soon, you can either abstain or use top grade synthetic urine. Perfectly prepared clean urine samples can last for a long time without changing the properties that make it appear like real urine.

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