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Subscription Based Vape and Cannabis Kits

With today’s saturated smoker’s market, and various methods of consuming cannabis and vape products.  Some just want an easy subscription based smoking membership, with a friendly, easy to use vape or cannabis smokers care-package to get the job done.

Looking for a gift, or something for yourself?  Here are some plans that offer this service, with service to your doorstep.   Get a box delivered to your doorstep filled with a variety of surprises.

Vape Box

For vape fans, www.ejuicepack.com offers an easy e-juice subscription, with new flavors each month.  Choose between monthly subscriptions of various quantities of 100mL e-liquid bottles starting at $34.99.

E-juice subscription is the best way to try different brand and flavors for a low price. E-Juice Pack is always adding the newest and most trending e-liquid brands in the industry. Perfect for beginner or advanced vapers.

Studies have been conducted showing that vaporizing marijuana exposes the user to lower levels of toxins than actually smoking it.   They also offer a variety of vapes to choose from, along with the best weed vaporizer on their site.  Choose from a selection of brands such as Atmos, Candy pens, Firefly, Dr. Dabber, and more!

Weed Subscription Box

For cannabis lovers, www.weedsubscriptionbox.com offers everything you need in a convenient care package, with different methods of medicine consumption available.  Whether you want to surprise a friend or give a gift to yourself, these kits will make any patient or recreational smoker smile.

To get started, select the care package you want and have it delivered between 2-3 business days, right to your door (laws and regulations apply).  Pick between herb and concentrates, or you can select both!  Choose between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, or you can select a combination!

The site is under construction.  Contact them directly for presales!

Find more great deals on vape kits here: https://ebay.to/2Ieg2kR
CBD vape kits:
Butane vape kits: https://ebay.to/2wy6W0U

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