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Stealth Vaping

The world that we live in is changing rapidly, especially when it comes to the items that we are putting in our bodies. More and more people are looking at cigarettes as being the danger that we have always known them to be, while an increasing number of folks are viewing cannabis as not being the danger that we have been led to believe it is for so many years.

It may well have been the use of medical marijuana that has swung the pendulum so far in the opposite direction. Rather than being a trippy herb that serves as a gateway to hardcore drugs, cannabis is now rightly being viewed as a substance that can bring a lot of relief to a lot of very sick people.

Several states have already legalized the use of medical marijuana, with many more on the verge of doing the same. The next logical step is making it legal for recreational use, with the residents of Colorado now enjoying that particular freedom. The change in the laws and the modernization of how we think about marijuana should mean that we also change how we think about where and how it should be consumed. The where part of the equation opens up all sorts of cool, fun possibilities, while the how question may best be answered by the herb vaporizer pen.

The vape pen allows you to “smoke” the type of cannabis that is legal in your area without notice, as the vapor that it produces doesn’t deliver that all too familiar scent that is always a dead giveaway. You can now literally be sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, getting in a little bit of vaping as you wait to be seen for the condition that allowed you to have medical marijuana prescribed in the first place.

Anywhere that stress takes a hold is the ideal spot to get the vape pen out and give yourself a little relief. Scared of flying? Take a hit as the plane screams down the runway in preparation for take-off. Want to get on the killer roller coaster ride at the theme park, but don’t quite have the nerve to do so? Take out the vape pen and give yourself a relaxing hit that should calm you down enough to go along for the ride. Heck, it might even serve the dual purpose of helping you ignore the screaming kids and obnoxious parents that are all around you in those places.
You might even consider packing your vape pen to work if you have a particularly annoying boss, but always remember that discretion is the better part of valor. The dream is that one day we will all be free to vape our cannabis wherever we please, and a little bit of discretion might just help make that happen. That said, using a vape pen is a great way to get your hit when you need it most, as there is a good chance that your use will go totally undetected. The proliferation of electronic cigarettes in public is now allowing cannabis vape pen users to hide in plain sight. Visit PortableHookahs.com and browse their wide selection of vaporizers.

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