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Selecting a Quality Bong or Waterpipe

If you are new to smoking cannabis, you might have done some research as to what to look for when selecting a quality piece.

The first question you should ask yourself when buying a water pipe is whether it is suitable for you. Just because you like a bong or how it looks does not mean that you will be comfortable using it.  As such, two things to watch out for in addition is the size and portability of the bongs.  In terms of size, it should not be too big that you have difficulty handling it, but if you plan to use it discreetly, then a smaller, more portable dong will be suitable for you.

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One main appeal of the bong is for its appearance. While they are more or less a smoking tool, it doesn’t stop people demanding them in weird and wonderful designs. Bongs can now come a whole range of elegant and novelty styles.


For one, the material you are looking for should be something clean and not melt or blend in with what you are inhaling.  Metal for instance, can release dangerous gasses because they get too hot.  Most aluminum cans go through a process known as galvanization which coats the aluminum or iron in zinc which keeps it from rusting for a longer period of time.  Some also smoke out of wood.  Wood smoke contains tiny particles and gases that can have serious health effects when breathed.  The smoking paper is not as hazardous as of smoking tobacco, but still, it is not advisable to smoke it due to its side effects.  The smoking paper will cause damage to the lungs in long term, however, in short term, it will cause no obvious damage to your lungs.

That being said, glass is the cleanest material to smoke out of.  Other than that it can break much easier, it is the safest material that will not leave dangerous particles other than the material you are smoking.

Thickness of Glass

If you have decided to buy a glass bong, then you also need to check out its thickness. The thicker the glass, the longer it will last, and less chance it will break.  A glass thickness of about 3 mm is considered to be thin, while anything in the range of 5 to 7 mm is considered so hard that it will be difficult to break. Under normal circumstances, you won’t need such thick glass; around 3.55 mm should do.

Advantages of Bongs aka Waterpipes

Bongs aka Waterpipes are typically made of glass, plastic or metal device with a chamber in which you place water. A down pipe and bowl are attached to the main structure and these allow you to filter the smoke of your selected herb or tobacco through water.

Many people enjoy using a bong as it is said to help filter smoke and extra unwanted particles you may encounter using conventional methods.  Another benefit of extra filtration is it can improve taste and smoother inhalation.

Some enjoy filling their bongs with flavored drinks and ice to add to the overall taste and experience of the smoke.


Bong usability can come in a variety of methods:

  • Carb Hole: Carb Hole bongs are a traditional bong that consists of a pipe body with fixed stem and bowl.  One initially places their finger over the carb hole to allow for a hit from the bowl.  To clear the pipe body of it’s smoke, one must remove their finger from the carb hole.
  • Non Carb Hole: 3-part bongs consist of a pipe body, a removable stem and bowl. The 3-part design does not require a carb hole, but rather, the stem and bowl and pulled to clear the pipe of it’s smoke.
  • Bubblers: Small bong apparatus with percolation system and water filtration of smoke.  Smoke is broken up into bubbles and increases the surface area so that smoke is cooled down and flavor is distinctly improved.  Stems and bowl can sometimes be a bubbler apparatus of it’s own.

Bong features and improving smoke quality:

  • Ice bong: Ice can be added to allow for pleasant smoke, because the smoke is cooled through ice and water and filtered.
  • Percolator Bong: Utilizes a small chamber within the percolated bong’s main chamber through which the smoke passes to further filter and cool the smoke.
  • Diffusers: In percolator tubes, maximizes the filtering process and produce the coolest, smoothest hits possible


Percolator bongs are a higher quality waterpipe and popular with today’s smokers.  More smoke can be produced as well as better quality filtration and smoothness with percolator bongs. If you can spend a little more, it is recommended that you a bong with a percolator.

These are but a few of the most popular types of percolators:

  • Honeycomb – just like the name suggests, this filters the smoke and water through dozens of tiny holes.
  • Turbine – pulls smoke through 5-6 slots creating a cyclone effect in the water.
  • Hanging – a series of smaller tubes, hang in the center of the main tube to create more bubbles.
  • Inline – a small horizontal slotted tube near the bottom of the base
  • Fritted – finely porous glass filter, almost looks like fibers, creates the smallest bubbles, which creates the most filtration, but can also clog the easiest.

The percolator apparatus filters and cools the smoke in two ways:

  1. The smoke goes into the water and then it naturally cools down. Another round, it allows massive smoke to be submerged into the water so it comes out cooler.
  2. The percolator breaks down bubbles into smaller size because of the pressure. Hence, you get cooler and smoother hit right from your pipe.

Experienced bong users understand how important it is to use filter in smoking cannabis. Hence, the key use of this contraption is making the smoke smoother to inhale. Smokers who have problem in hitting their bongs need a percolator. But one important consideration is its effect on your high. Some believe that it can increase THC absorption which is not true. The percolator bong doesn’t affect your high but it slightly decreases THC.


Before you buy a percolator or water pipe, aka bong, make sure that it is easy to clean. The ones with non-stick glasses are simple to clean. But if your percolator bong looks cloudy, you can use rubbing alcohol when cleaning the pipe. Just make sure not to overdo it or else your bong will get damaged. In addition, a strong shaking can also help you in removing even the stickiest dirt. You can put alcohol in your bong for a few minutes to eliminate particles effectively.

Some add Epsom salt to clean your bong. Whatever solution you use to maintain the clearness of your pipe, you need to keep your percolator clean so that you can maximize its efficiency when you smoke. Put these tips in mind so you can surely find the best percolator bong on the internet.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price depends on the quality and type of percolator bong you want to buy.  The many options, combined with the artistic creativity of extremely talented glassblowers, equals an impressive array of intricate and beautiful glassware seen in water pipes. Some very elaborate pieces may have several chambers with multiple levels of diffusion and functionality.  Other pieces may be finely detailed sculptures of artistic splendor that sit on a shelf and are never used.  The more complex the piece, the higher the price tag. Bongs can vary in price from very cheap $10 pieces to upwards of $20,000 or more.

If you’re planning to buy your own percolator bong or waterpipe, knowing how much you need to spend is important.


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