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Rule Your Extraction Business With an Iron Fist Extractor

If you’ve ever wondered how award-winning extracts are made, Iron Fist Extractors is the answer. These finely engineered, closed-loop extractors are designed to produce full spectrum extracts with amazing terpene profiles. Whether you’re working with cannabis, hemp, or any plant you want to extract essential oils from, discover the difference an Iron Fist makes in your products.

All plants are made of chemical compounds, like terpenes/terpenoids for smell and flavanoids for flavor. These compounds are often extracted in plants like lavender, and even your daily coffee or tea is similar. An extraction process essentially uses a solvent to separate the terpenes and flavanoids from the plant material. Iron Fist Extractors use either butane or propane.

The result is concentrated terpenes and flavanoids, which are often sold as essential oils. Cannabis, however, has an extra compound class called cannabinoids. There are over 110 unique cannabinoids, although tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are the most commonly known.

The proportion of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavanoids is what makes the full flavor, smell, and medicinal profile of a marijuana or hemp cannabis strain.

Butane, propane, and CO2 are all commonly used solvents in the extraction process. You may have heard the term butane hash oil (BHO) demonized by the media for unsafe practices. The reality is each of these solvents can be deadly when not used properly, and the problem with CO2 is it can get expensive with somewhat unpredictable results.

This is why you need to rule your extraction process with an Iron Fist.

There’s no faster, cleaner, and cheaper way to create concentrates on a commercial scale than with an Iron Fist.

Full-spectrum cannabis concentrates are the premium, top-shelf versions. Whereas an isolate will have the purest possible THC or CBD crystals, full-spectrum concentrates include the strain’s full cannabinoid profile. This is important to understand for both hemp and medical/recreational marijuana products.

A product containing only CBD won’t be as effective and natural as a full-spectrum product. Some people only respond well when the full cannabinoid range is there for balance. And offering both isolates and full-spectrum is just the beginning of what Iron Fist can do for you.

Iron Fist’s EX40

With a workhorse extractor like Iron Fist’s EX-20 or EX40, you’ll be able to maximize your extraction business with a wide range of concentrates, including:

Live Resin – Cannabis is typically cured before extraction, which changes its terpene profile. Live resin is extracted from live plants that are frozen immediately after harvest to preserve this profile.

Shatter – Shatter is a hard candy-like concentrate named for its tendency to shatter like glass when broken. Shatter is made by pouring the concentrate from the extractor onto sheets and letting the solvent evaporate.

Sugar Wax – When stirred and essentially whipped, shatter turns into a wax-like texture that’s easier to deal with and has more volume.

Budder – Budder is another form of stirred/agitated shatter that maintains a putty-like consistency. This is best made with propane.

Crumble – As you surpass 85-90% potency, the physical structure of the concentrate gets more frail, creating a light crumble. BHO has some of the highest-potency crumbles possible.

Nug runs – A nug run is a concentrate made from all the tiny, unsellable flowers. It still commands a premium because consumers imagine those High Times centerfold buds in there.

Each of these six concentrate types represents a new SKU with a different price point on the consumer market. Offering a range of products keeps your business sustainable.

Whether you work in cannabis, hemp, or just farm herbs, rule your operations with an Iron Fist.


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