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Rosin is the Best

And Here is Why

Rosin is one of many cannabis concentrates popular in the market today. Some prefer shatter or crumble, but many cannabis connoisseurs are turning towards the terpy goodness that is hash/flower rosin. To rosin flower or hash, the starting material is placed inside rosin bags. Applying both heat and pressure will result in a concentrated cannabis product that is superior to other concentrates for several reasons.

High Potency

What is any cannabis user looking for? The best bang for their buck. Rosin products offer a potency sometimes 3x that of standard flower. The highest grade flower tops out around 30% THC while rosin can get to 80% or more. These high potency levels rival and sometimes exceed the best shatter on the market. Having highly potent products can save the average rosin consumer money because less rosin is needed to achieve the desired effects than using flower.

Top Quality Starting Material

Source: Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash

To achieve highly potent rosin, you have to begin with premium starting material. Using dried out buds will not yield nearly as much as fresh buds covered in trichomes. Premium buds require premium rosin press bags so it is important to have quality equipment from start to finish.

Besides being necessary to have premium starting material to make premium rosin, it is also super tasty! Premium buds are loaded with trichomes that carry cannabinoids and terpenes. Terpenes (terps) are the flavor you taste when using cannabis. Pressing the starting material with low heat juices out these terps without burning them. Rosin, when done correctly, has superior flavor to most if not all other forms of cannabis concentrate.

Solvent Free

Being free of solvents is the main difference between rosin and other forms of cannabis concentrate. Other concentrates such as shatter, crumble, and sauce are made with an extraction process that involves passing butane gas through the flower which picks up the trichomes. This mixture is then ‘purged’, which is how the butane is separated from the trichomes. Concentrates made using butane are known as BHO (butane hash oil). This is vastly different from the solventless extraction (SHO). Vaporizing (dabbing) any residual butane left in BHO can be harmful to your lungs and have effects similar to pneumonia. The regulation of the market, in terms of acceptable labels of butane in concentrates, changes from state to state and products have tested at higher than acceptable levels in some cases. As Mom always said, better safe than sorry. It might be best to avoid any chance of residual butane and just use rosin

You can Make Rosin at Home


Bringing the art of pressing rosin to your home can be exciting, education, and a money saver. The exact techniques and equipment used changes from presser to presser. There is not one correct way, but many! Experimenting with different pressing temperatures and pressures as well as using different presses and rosin bags, will yield different results in terms of color, consistency, and smell. Even the different strains of cannabis will produce varying results. Getting to know your equipment and the specific strains can lead you down the rabbit hole of rosin pressing!

As for saving money, it is true. An initial investment is necessary to get yourself a rosin press. If you are a moderate to heavy cannabis user, the savings in buying flower/rosin versus making your own can outweigh the initial cost over time. An 8th (3.5 grams) of really good flower can yield upwards of a gram of flower rosin.

Variety of Consistencies


Part of the fun of pressing rosin is experimenting with your press technique and what you do with the rosin post-press. Depending on the process, your rosin can end up looking a variety of ways from wet juicy rosin to rosin diamonds to rosin budder and so on. Many hash connoisseurs have a preferred consistency. Being able to press rosin in your own home allows you to control what you dab. You have the power to make your rosin the best experience that it can be for you.


If you are one of many cannabis users looking for a highly potent, high-quality smoke, then look no further than rosin. Made without the use of any solvents such as butane or propane, rosin offers a cleaner product than most. Expect a dab loaded with terps, wetting your mouth with flavor. Rosin is usually made from the best starting material possible so expect some flavor! And if you really want to control your own smoke, you can press rosin in your own home. Learning how different strains press and which consistencies you enjoy can be exciting. You may even save some money in the longer term as rosin is much more potent than flower and your product may last a bit longer. Happy pressing everyone!

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