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Recommended Software and Apps

As cannabis is starting to go mainstream, so are technological advances that can play an important part in it’s popularity.

Social media for example, enables activism to share and educate those who were once in the dark. Particular cannabis related apps are now accepted in the Google Play and iTunes Store, which was unheard of years ago.

Technology is constantly evolving and plays a big role in the advancement of cannabis, both medicinally, recreationally, and professionally.

Some recommended software and apps:

  • Search, discover, review, and discuss legal cannabis strains, local dispensaries, doctors and delivery services with this Cannabis App
  • Dispensary & Delivery Service Cloud Based Marijuana Software.
  • 420 Emojis: It’s time! will allow you to share a catalog of unique first-to-market weed emojis.  Nine marijuana hand gestures (Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, Peace sign, etc) and over 100 expressions (and growing….like a weed)


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