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Quantity of CBD That One Should Take

No one has the correct answer to this tricky question. This CBD dosage depends upon several factors of consumers such as body type, CBD tolerance, the condition you’re treating for and the concentration of CBD in each pill, capsule or gummy are also an important consideration.

In this blog, we help you in determining the dosage and key factors to consider to make while deciding the proper dosages.

Please Note: First-timers should first consult with their physician before using any product containing CBD in it.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural chemical compound found in cannabis plants or we can say it is a type of cannabinoid that interacts with human’s endocannabinoid biological system.

To maintain equilibrium in the body CBD is induced into the body. Its help in alleviates pain improves sleep, improves heart health, increases appetite and reduces stress.

There’s a misconception about CBD that it makes people feel heightened as they come from Cannabis plants.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is responsible for the high that occurs when marijuana is consumed or smoked.

Whereas CBD products are relatively low concentrations of THC and a higher concentration of CBD as they come from hemp a type of cannabis plant. Currently, hemp is legal to grow, sell, buy and consume products made from it.

Experts say there are some side effects of CBD construction such as a temporary drop in blood pressure and diarrhea. However, most of the researchers agreed that CBD appears to be safe. So, before consuming CBD products for the first time everyone should consult with their doctor.

Crucial Point to Consider


It refers to the amount of CBD in a given product. If a bottle of CBD says Tincher has a concentration of 1500 mg and contains 30 ml of Tincher this means 1ml of CBD contains approx. 50 mg of CBD; not 1500 mg


CBD also effects according to body weight for heavier people CBD dose should be high to experience the calming effect but on the other hand, lighter people can feel the same effect with the low dose.

Desired effects

For someone with chronic pain or severe anxiety, the dose can be higher whereas people with milder conditions can have a low dose of CBD.


CBD consumer can develop tolerance from the same amount of dose with result in reducing the effect from the doses. Therefore, they will require higher doses to achieve the desired result.

Different Forms of CBD products

Oil and Tincture

Usually, this form of CBD product is mixed in with food for applied beneath the tongue. These come in two sizes, one is 15 ml or 30 ml bottles ranging from 180 to 5000 mg. First timer consumers should start with a lower concentration and then increase their dosage. The consumer may not experience any sensation right away with Tincher. It will take time and will last for up to 3 to 4 hours.

Vape Oil

Vape coil is inhaled and its effect is instantaneous and produces a relaxing sensation for up to an hour or more. It is made from hemp and with the help of some cutting agents such as vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol. Inhaling from the pen for up to 3 seconds and holding the vapor in for 5 seconds will give you a long-lasting relaxing sensation.


It includes capsules, gummies and other products that are edibles. Edibles have a long onset time similar to Tinctures as they are ingested orally and its effects are also much more prolonged. Depending on the strength edibles will take effect within an hour and you can feel it up to four to five hours.

Each capsule or gummies have 5 mg to 100 mg concentration so it is easy to calculate the dosage.


There are some products that can be applied directly to the epidermis or outermost layer of skin. Such as lotion and creams, balms and salves, therapeutic oil, etc.

The application area of topical has soothing sensation as it doesn’t come in direct contact with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Overdosing on CBD

National Institute of Health (NIH) report says that overdosing on CBD is Virtually impossible. As we know CBD is concealer non-toxic and there are very few side effects produced by the chemical in it so there are typically no threats. Usually, cannabinoids are considered less addictive than other Drugs including prescribing medication so there are no ways that a CBD consumer can develop a tolerance over time.

If you want to know the percentage of CBD you are consuming per day or per week in the form of coffee, gummies or oil then you can use a CBD dosage calculator. This calculator will help you in knowing whether you are taking the right quantity of CBD or not.

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