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Preserving Your Health: 5 Alternatives to Smoking Cigarettes That Can Help You Quit the Nasty Habit

It’s no secret: smoking cigarettes is now considered a nasty habit that most people would prefer to break, if it just weren’t so darned addicting. Telling someone who is addicted to cigarettes to just quit is not as simple as it sounds – an addiction is a habit in both the body and that brain that must be conquered.

However, there are now alternatives to smoking cigarettes that can help you overcome the craving in both your mind and body that will ultimately let you kick that nasty habit once and for all and preserve your health.

5 Alternatives to Cigarette Smoking

Electronic Cigarettes

These are one of the most common ways that people are moving from regular cigarettes today. They are marketed as a “less harmful” alternative to smoking.

E-cigarettes are popular because they have multiple varieties and options, including scents and flavors, and still give the drag of a regular cigarette, helping to confuse your brain and make it easier to quit traditional cigarettes.


For those serious about quitting all habits, including all forms of smoking, acupuncture is a regularly chosen alternative. Acupuncture is an ancient therapy in which needles are precisely placed at specific points throughout your body to relieve the withdrawal effects that come with quitting a habit like smoking.

Studies on acupuncture have shown that it can reduce your body’s cravings for cigarettes when used in conjunction with conventional treatment.


Another common replacement for traditional cigarettes are those vapes or other products containing cannabinoids. Like e-cigs, these products have become quite controversial as their benefits have continued to be made more popular.

However, more and more people are turning to them as a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking as they can now legally and easily head to a dispensary for their needs, be it a chocolate bar or a vape cartridge.


Like acupuncture, this is a common alternative for those who wish to completely quit the smoking habit. In hypnosis, the addict is placed in an altered state of awareness.

In this new trancelike state, the brain is more susceptible to suggestion and can be “suggested” to stop smoking, or to quit desiring the unhealthy habit that the addict is trying to overcome.

Laser Therapy

Another complete smoking cessation treatment, this type of therapy uses low-intensity light to stimulate chemicals in the brain by focusing on specific points on the body, similar to acupuncture.

When these points are stimulated, the chemicals – endorphins – create the same effect that nicotine has on the brain, helping to relieve the withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting.

Pick an Option, But Quit Smoking

With all of these and many more alternatives to the bad habit of cigarette smoking, there is no longer an excuse for the nasty deed. Instead, look for a healthier habit to replace it with, or work to quit smoking altogether, but the heydays of cigarette popularity have long come and gone, and you should leave them behind as well.

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