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Pot Laws – How can we make dispensaries work?

As I sit and watch my wife struggle with the effects of chemotherapy (which kills you quicker than the cancer it is used to fight) I wonder why our Government allows the sale, for cash, of liquor and cigarettes (which have ZERO benefit to society whatsoever) yet Medical Marijuana (which has been legal for 13 years in the State of CA) patients have to hide and scurry about like cockroaches just to get mediocre medicine. Why would our government turn their backs on those who need the most help? Forcing them to get the most beneficial medicine EVER known to man via dangerous means. Why can’t dispensaries accept payment, of cash, for the work done and expense incurred from growing and procuring medical marijuana.

Why is this industry the ONLY one that can’t use money as a form of payment.

Why do we allow those WE put in office and that WE pay to not do their job and figure out a way to make this work for everyone? We deserve an answer and solution not arrests of people trying to help the sick?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a huge fan of dispensaries, not the way they operate now, but there are some great dispensaries out there that generate massive amounts of revenue for the city and State while giving back to the community as well. “The Farmacy” in Venice is one such place. The City works hand in hand with The Farmacy and it seems to be working just fine.

I think its time we held our politicians and city officials accountable and MAKE them find a solution that works for everyone.

The laws change daily in this industry and that’s a definite sign of needed change. Imagine owning a gas station and one day it becomes illegal to sell gas, what do you do? What if the law said you can’t accept cash for gas? What are you supposed to do? Trade for goods and services? That’s ludicrous! What if the police couldn’t be paid in cash because it might foster corruption?

Why, after 13 years, are those involved in the medical marijuana industry still hunted down and persecuted as if it were the spanish inquisition?

Why does my wife and many more have to suffer because the feeble minded can’t find a solution.

56% of California voted for medical marijuana 13 years ago, how many stoners do you think didn’t even vote? Now, with the wide spread media coverage and the general publics understanding of the benefits of medical marijuana, its safe to say that the 56% is MUCH higher now (no pun intended) meaning those enforcing the laws have decided to take the law into their own hands and that should seriously scare everyone, on both sides.

Why vote if it doesn’t matter? Do we really want folks to go back to that type of thinking?

Help us find a safe, acceptable way for everyone to benefit from medical marijuana.

You can’t tell folks they can’t charge money for a legal product, that’s unAmerican. We are not a socialized country so this “bartering” idea is completely unconstitutional. We have a right to our medicine and if I’m okay paying cash for it why should the police or government care? Its legal here!

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