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Picking The Right Bong For You

Also known as a water pipe. The word “Bong” comes from the Thai word “baung” which was the way to refer to a bamboo pipe. The truth is that no one really knows exactly from where this creation comes from, some say it comes from India, others say China and there are some who claim that it was used in ancient Egypt. But it is clear that it is one of the oldest smoking devices in the world.

What is known is that it reached the Western world when the British exported it from India during the Turkish occupation of the 16th century to the Kingdom of Hungary. In fact, it is known that it was widely accepted by the Hungarian nobility.

It has the grace to filter and cool any substance that is smoked, within them, marijuana. Some studies ensure that this is a much healthier way to smoke, much more to do with rolling paper. Other studies say that vaporizers are the least harmful to health.

However, there are those who give up the idea of testing these devices because they really look complex, and because of their size, are not very transportable.

Today, there are different products that are used to consume marijuana. One of these products is the bong, a device that can be made of different materials, and is used to smoke cannabis and tobacco, among others. The normal thing is to use water so that the steam filters and cools, although ice can also be used.

Choosing a Bong

To choose a bong there are many factors that influence, among them are the lung capacity, whether it will be for personal or shared use and the material from which the bong is made. Smokecartel, a popular bong shop online, explains the different types of bong that you can find in our shop online.

Without going to see all the gadgets that are in the market to smoke marijuana, we will focus only on the Bongs. Still, there are so many varieties to choose from, glass, acrylic/plastic, ceramic and wood (bamboo).

Glass is a classic, of course, and it is a material that is difficult to make mistakes with, it is a sign of quality. The plastic bongs are the cheapest, the ceramic bongs often come with custom designs, and they are fun, and beautiful, while the bamboo has durability and style.

Choosing the water pipe is ultimately a matter of personal preference, and obtaining all the knowledge of the existing options can take years of use and experience to know that it really is what we like the most. We hope our advice can point you in the right direction or, at least, give you a better idea of ​​the type of Bong you are looking for. The first question you should ask yourself is:

What kind of bong will be the one you want to use?

Questions you should ask yourselves. What will be the usual bong? Is it going to be used once a week or three times a day? Are you going to use it as a personal piece or spend it when you are with people enjoying? Are you going to take it on road trips? How often are you going to clean it?

All these factors should contribute to improving your process of selecting a water pipe, be it the first Bong or the fifteenth you buy. If it is your first bong, you must be aware of your lung capacity. If you buy a bong with too large or too many tubes or accessories that you do not use, you will not be satisfied with the purchase.

Types of Bongs

Crystal Bong: Surely they are the most valuable. Thanks to this material it takes advantage of all the THC and its cooling is superior to the rest of the materials with which the bongs are made. There are different types of glass bongs that depend on the glass used. This material is more expensive than the rest and more fragile.

Ceramic Bong: They can be in a thousand ways and colors. On a ceramic surface, you can paint whatever you want. They tend to be smaller than glass bongs, although their consumption is the same. They have a disadvantage that due to the material with which they are made you cannot observe the water and see when it is dirty, and that depending on its shape they can be difficult to clean.

Plastic Bong: They are translucent. This is an advantage over the ceramic bong since you can see inside. But if you want quality and control the water, what you are looking for is the glass bong, since the plastic bongs can dilute the taste of marijuana. They are perfect if you take them out of the house or go on a trip, easier to clean and cheaper.

Bamboo Bong: You could say that this is the original material since “bong” comes from the Thai word “baung”, which means a cylindrical wooden pipe or bamboo pipe. They are lightweight and more durable than plastic ones. They can also be very original because in them you can carve many things.

If you are a beginner or want to renew your bong, first research to find out which is the most suited to you, smoke marijuana in your bong and enjoy the marijuana plant in a different and healthier way than with rolling paper.

Tips for Choosing a Bong

Lung Capacity

You must be aware of this because if, for example, you buy too big a pipe, or with too many tubes, you will end up frustrating. There are small and medium bongs too. Here you can’t say that “the bigger, the better”. It depends on your lung capacity.

Personal or Shared Use

This point is also very important, because if other people are also going to have access to your bong and do not know how to use it, well, it is likely that your purchase has very short duration. Especially if you buy a glass.

The Most Suitable Material

Today you can find water pipes of different materials: glass, plastic, ceramic and even bamboo. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, for example, the glass is the best, but it is also more delicate, the plastic is easier to handle, it does not break, but it is of lower quality, when they are ceramic, you can find more personalized and entertaining designs, but tends to be a heavier material, while those of bamboo have a much longer life. In the end, everything is in the consumer’s pocket and taste.

Better with Ice

Among those who like to smoke in pipes, one of the most popular bongs is the Ice Bongs, those in which they can add ice, which generates a cooling effect of the ice on the smoke that for many is pleasant. If you try to put ice on a bong that is not for this, you’ll end up spoiling it.

First Time with a Bong

If it turns out that you have never smoked marijuana in a Bong before, it is important that you take certain precautions: for example, never cough in the Bong because that way, you wet the mixture and it becomes unusable. Always use clean water when you use your Bong, never reuse the water because you have to ensure that this device stays clean.

If you are looking for an awesome piece, SmokeCartel, offers a wide variety of bongs to enjoy marijuana. Enter their online shop and find your ideal bong.

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