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Outdoor Vaping: What is It And What Should We Know About It?

Many of us like traveling, camping, and hiking. But isn’t it a problem for those who love traveling and smoking both? So what should we do when our love for traveling and vaping is irresistible? Do we need to give up on one?

Or can we manage both of them together? Several smokers love to smoke in nature. But can exploration and vaping go hand in hand?

Well, it might seem a little complicated in the beginning. But, there are several ways through which you can easily enjoy your traveling without compromising your vape schedule. You need to keep a few things in mind to have a great outdoor vaping experience. And, what are those factors? Well, we will tell you all about it. You can even explore your favorite vape flavor to make your experience unforgettable.

So, let us check what the things we need to follow are.

What is Outdoor Vaping?

Outdoor vaping is when you are not into the usual sphere. It is when you are vaping in nature.

It has to be understood that both the terms; indoor and outdoor vaping are very different from each other. And, both of them are having their related precautions that need to be followed. Few of our readers must be comfortable with indoor vaping, while others can love outdoor vaping. But there are always few things that can add value to either of the choices.

Outdoor vaping in nature is an entirely different feeling. When you are calm mentally and physically, you can experience beauty in real terms. And that is why outdoor vaping has a great fanbase. But outdoor vaping should not be adopted because it is exciting, but several factors make outdoor vaping better than indoor ones.

How to make outdoor vaping memorable?

So, today we will be talking about these factors which can result in an incredible outdoor ordeal.

Double-check on your batteries

Do check your device’s battery is fully charged before leaving. You can also carry a portable bag of batteries to increase the lifespan of the device.

Never forget to cap the drip tip

You will never want your e-cig to get mixed with mud and dirt. So, it is necessary to carry a cap for your device to save it from the salve.

Keep your vape device in one piece 

Outdoor activities can have several after-effects. Always carry spare parts for your vape device to have a hassle-free experience.

Go for eco mode

New vape devices have an inbuilt eco-mode which saves your battery on the run. Do check for the mode in your device to use the device for a long time.

Choose a vape device suitable for outdoor usage

There are several devices specially made for outdoor vaping. If you can buy one, then it will be the best thing to enjoy outdoor vaping.

Use a lanyard

Using a lanyard can save your device from getting smashed in your pocket if your traveling includes running and climbing.

Choose your favorite vape flavor with us

It must not be a new thing for a vape lover. But if it is your first with the flavors, then you would want this section to exist. And, as we understand your need, we are here with the choices you can consider.

Blue Raz Cotton Candy

If you like something sweet, then Blue Raz can be your perfect match. It has an exotic taste of Blue raspberries mixed with a pinch of cotton candy.

Peach Green Tea e-juice

Are you looking for a calmer? Peach Green Tea flavor can put you to ease after a long tiring day of work.

Pink Spot

Pink Spot is a fun flavor. It is a mixture of lime, raspberry, and pineapple to give you a fruity taste that you will never forget.

Black Mamba

It has a bold taste cocktail. The taste is a combination of blackberry, cranberry, and citrus. So, a lover of cocktails can pick this.

Frozen Lime Drop

A fan of blended sweet and sour? Then pick frozen Lime drop and enjoy the tropical taste.

Ripe tide 

How about combining the taste of strawberries and raspberries with a twist of menthol? Astonishing right! Try ripe tide for the same feeling.


Are you switching from smoking to vaping? Well, swagger can help you adapt to the change with its tobacco-based flavor.

Peach Pit Tobacco

It is an everyday flavor with a twist of peach over tobacco to give you taste with haste.

Gummy bear e-juice  

Do you enjoy the taste of delicious gummy bears while vaping? Gummy bear e-juice is made for those who have an undefined love for gummies.

Pick your favorite vape flavor from the list of most popular vape flavors. You can pick one that suits you and order it easily through various online platforms.

Outdoor Vaping vs. Indoor Vaping

  1. When you introduce smoke in a closed space, you are making room for it to get clogged. Indoor vaping not only disturbs the air quality but also constantly hampers health. It makes you more dependent upon the effluents. On the other hand, outdoor vaping lets the smoke travel and scatter in the environment. It reduces its concentration at one place that makes it less harmful. But it does not mean that outdoor vaping is healthy.
  2. Indoor vaping affects everybody in the house. The smoke does not discriminate like humans. It affects every inhaler equally. So, if you live with either young or sick people, indoor vaping can be fatal for their health.

Not only this but, indoor vaping affects healthy individuals as well. The effect must be slow and avoidable, but it exists.

These are a few factors that make outdoor vaping more exciting. Outdoor vaping has its pros and cons. It can interest non-smokers and make them try it once. It is even worse the effects of indoor vaping because it can result in a never-ending cycle. So, you need to keep these things in mind then only you can create a healthy environment for others and yourself.

Final Words

Knowing your favorite vape flavor can make your vaping experience even better. So, take your time and explore which is a more suitable taste for you. Outdoor vaping could be an excellent chance for usual indoor smokers as well. It can make them have a peaceful and relaxing vape day. So, if you are looking for something new, then try outdoor vaping. And keep the points in mind.

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