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OG Kush

Strain Sativa Indica THC CBD Weeks in

OG Kush



25% 0.23% 8 Lemon Thai x Land Race Paki backcrossed w/ Chem Dog

OGKush2[1] OGKush[1]


100% Indica
25% THC / 0.23% CBD
Lemon Thai x Land Race Paki then
backcrossed with Chem Dawg

Bloom Cycle:
8 weeks

Delicious. Purest tasting kush I have ever had, all I tasted was kush. No fruit, no hash, just pure smooth kush. Nice clean taste, heavy like hash on the lungs, it hits hard but wow does it taste crisp. A bit of a lemon aftertaste lingers in your mouth.  Smooth kush taste.

Aromatic and a good dense smell. Very distinct. Powerful! The smell hit the room before I even saw it. That signature kush smell combined with something that I can only describe as musky potent.

True OG’s light, almost neon green leaves are simply great to gaze at, with a copious amount of crystals covering every inch. The buds are really fluffy and leafy, yet solid/dense. Intimidating. When I first saw this bud, I knew I was in for a crazy time. Dark, dark green bud covered in dark hairs and coated with a nice frosting of trichs.

The effect is a long lasting, very mellow stone, mind and visual high. Very few other strains seem to compare to True OG’s unique scent, taste, and mental & physical effects.

This strain’s effect should be sought out by those who are lacking sleep like insomnia, and patients who suffer migraines and or headaches.  For a list of ailments treated: Click Here

OG Kush is an Indica (Lemon thai x Land race Paki strain, then backcrossed with a Chem D) dominant strain that’s popular through out southern California.

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