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Not All Cannabis Seeds are Created Equal… Take a Look

Feminized cannabis seeds, auto-flowering cannabis seeds, outdoor cannabis seeds, indoor cannabis seeds, OH MY! When choosing the seeds to grow your next crop, there are some things you’ll need to know.

When choosing to grow your very own marijuana crop from cannabis seeds, you’ll likely have already looked into all of the growing methods available, as well as amassed loads of amazing products and tools to get your plants growing healthy and strong. You may have already even looked into the specific light cycles your plants will need, and how to best provide them. Now that you’re all ready to go and fully outfitted, all you need to do is buy your seeds… which is a bit more complicated than you’d think! But, have no fear, we’re here to take out all of the uncertainty by giving you an easy to follow guide on what different seeds can offer and how to choose the best for the crop you want! Read on.

Feminized Seeds

Only female plants will produce smokable buds. So it makes sense that when you buy seeds, you’re only going to want seeds that will produce female plants. If you opt for non-feminized cannabis seeds, there’s basically a 50/50 chance that any seed will produce a male plant, which is great if you’re looking to pollinate your own plants and collect the seeds, but not so great if you just want to produce great, smokable buds.

Feminized seeds are cannabis seeds that are specifically designed to produce only female plants. To create these specialized seeds without costly genetic tampering, there are a few ways that seed banks go about creating them. Some stress out female plants by interrupting its light cycle during flowering, this method works, but it’s exactly reliable. Another method is spraying the adult female with colloidal silver or silver thiosulphate. These will impede the production of ethelyne, which will trigger the female plant to produce male flowers with pollen sacks, and use this pollen to pollinate another female plant, and that plant will produce seeds that only have  female genetics to be passed along. This method works nearly 100% of the time, producing feminized seeds.

The advantages of feminized seeds are great for a basic or novice grower. They ensure that 100% of the yield crop will produce smokable and enjoyable, buds. They also make it next to impossible for male plants to accidentally grow in your crop. Should a male plant be allowed to grow and subsequently pollinate female plants, the plants will produce far less potent buds and a ton of seeds- giving you less enjoyable product in return for all of your hard work.

Some people do contend that feminized seeds have a higher potential to result in a hermaphroditic plant (one that is both male and female), or that the plants will result in a smaller yield, or less potent buds. While these things can happen, if you’re getting your seeds from a reputable seed bank, this is pretty unlikely.

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are pretty much ideal for novice growers, or people who aren’t looking for a huge crop yield, or only have limited grow space. The reason auto-flowering seeds are great for beginner growers is that they require much less involvement in the grow cycle- in contrast, intermediate or pro-growers like to have a bit more control over when their plants flower and how big they get before they flower, as this will determine just how much marijuana you can effectively harvest from one plant.

Regular marijuana seeds produce plants that flower based on the light cycle that controls their grow cycle. A seeds will become a vegetative plant or begin flowering based on how much light it gets. Using a 12/12 light cycle: 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark, will trigger the vegetative plant to begin it’s flowering stage. While using an 8/16 cycle will keep your plant in a vegetative stage for as long as you stay on this cycle. This allows growers to feed and tend to their plants until they reach a desirable size. Once the do- switching to a 12/12 photocycle will force the plants into flowering and produce buds. A plant will produce buds in conjunction with its size (e.g. bigger plant, more buds).

Autoflowering plants don’t bud based on a photocycle, rather based on the age of the plant. A plant will mature through all of its life stages on a time cycle, rather than that of a photocycle. This is great for the beginner who doesn’t have the time or the desire to control their plants growth closely. It also produces buds much more quickly than a regular marijuana seed would. You can expect a crop in about three months, which is pretty darn quick. The plants that grow from auto-flowering cannabis seeds are also much smaller and more compact, so it works great for people who have limited grow space. However, because you have no control over flowering, these plants yield fewer buds and are super difficult to clone.

Outdoor and Indoor Seeds

The major difference between cannabis seeds that are designed for the outdoors vs. the indoors is size. Most outdoor seeds create massive plants that require a ton of available root space, grow super tall, and require a mass amount of intense and direct sunlight. These plants are generally true Sativas too, so if you’re familiar with the highs associated with marijuana strains (see below), these buds may create a high that you’re not even looking for. Where as indoor seeds take up far less space and are way less greedy when it comes to growing conditions.

Indoor seeds or indica dominant strains are generally much hardier and less sensitive to temperature. They grow smaller and need much less space and attention. They’re also much more forgiving should a novice grower mess up a watering or light schedule. However, both strains can be grown indoors, for a beginner indica-dominant, or indoor seeds are just a great way to start and build confidence.

Marijuana Strains

Generally speaking, marijuana strains come in two distinct varieties: Indica and Sativa. Depending on the effects you’re looking for- physical, mental, medicinal- choosing one strain or the other will be your best bet on how to begin to curate the right properties for you.

Indica (or In-Da-Couch, as it’s lovingly referred to by many), produce buds that have a very mellow effect. They give their users a relaxed and sedative high. The physical effects are akin to some pharmaceutical muscle relaxers, and are a great adjunct for people who suffer with insomnia or anxiety. These plants generally produce a “body” high, meaning that less focus is on the mental side of things. These strains are also useful for chronic pain sufferers. However, if your strain is pure indica, or strongly indica dominant, it can cause some people even more anxiety because the physical sedative properties can feel overwhelming. Indica’s also serve to relax the mind, giving rise to “stoner fog” or reduced cognitive capabilities.

Sativas are the yang to the Indicas yin. Sativas generally produce an energetic and mentally stimulating high. These strains are great for anyone who needs a bit of a mental push, or is looking for some creative inspiration. These strains are considered a more “heady” high, with less noticeable body effects. They’ve been shown to be helpful for people with chronic fatigue syndrome and depression. Conversely, the high can be really overwhelming to some people and trigger anxiety or paranoia. Specifically, if you’re growing pure sativa or a strongly sativa dominant strain.

Luckily, most seeds are a combination of sativa and indica, allowing for growers to choose seeds based off of which properties are most desirable.

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