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Medicinal Value & Health Benefits of Cannabis

Despite the social stigma that was once attached to the word “cannabis,” we have seen massive changes happening around the globe as different governments are legalizing weed, which is why you can also benefit from the best online dispensary canada. Let us have a look at the medicinal value and health benefits of cannabis.

Use of Cannabis in Ancient History

When it comes to the health benefits of marijuana, it dates back to ancient China, where it was used to treat mind-related illnesses. When we trace the history, we see that cannabis was also used to treat rheumatism, fever, and gout. It is important to mention that in ancient China, the focal point has been the medicinal property of cannabis rather than the intoxication property.

Gradually, the medicinal value of cannabis spread to nearby countries, including India and the African continent. Even in the USA, marijuana was listed as a medicine till 1942 as it was used to treat pain and rheumatism. Subsequently, the recreational use of cannabis grew over time as it gained rapid popularity, giving rise to the emerging controversies of the medicinal use of cannabis.

Nonetheless, today different countries around the globe have legalized the medicinal use of cannabis, especially in connection to the pain-reducing characteristics of the herb.

The Different Forms of Cannabis

Besides the traditional leaves, cannabis can be taken in different forms, such as cannabis oil, gums, brownies, wax, tincture, powdered leaves, tea, shatter, juice, honey butane oil, and hashish. If this is your first time taking cannabis for medical purposes, we recommend starting with a low dose to feel the effects. You should also ask your physician about their opinion on the suitable dose.

The Essential Health Benefits of Marijuana

As a result of the intensive study being conducted about the health benefits of this amazing herb, you will be surprised to know about the wonders cannabis can do for you. Here are X amazing health benefits of marijuana that you probably never knew about until now. Read on to learn more!

Can Prevent the Growth of Cancer

According to different medical studies, cannabis can slow and even stop the growth of cancer cells. If you wonder how this is achieved, let us tell you that cannabis does so by switching off a cancer gene, known as “Id-1”.

When the gene was treated with Cannabidiol in the lab, it was observed that the cancerous cells were less aggressive and had a significantly decreased level of Id-1. Research has also proven that cannabis can significantly slow down the growth and spread of brain, breast, and lung tumors.

Can Potentially Cure Glaucoma

Cannabis is also seen as quite effective in treating glaucoma, which can even lead to blindness due to the increased pressure in the eyeballs. Due to the pressure, there is a high risk of the optic nerve getting injured, leading to vision loss. According to the NEI (National Eye Institute), cannabis can decrease eyeball pressure and prevent blindness.

Can Control Seizures

Another significant health benefit of cannabis is that it can be effectively used to control epileptic seizures. Back in 2003, in a lab experiment, epileptic rats were given synthetic marijuana extracts, and it was observed that the seizures had stopped in approximately ten hours. It was analyzed that synthetic marijuana controlled epileptic seizures by connecting the brain cells responsible for regulating relaxation and regulating excitability.

Can Control Anxiety

Among the common reasons people take cannabis is to decrease anxiety as it helps them relax and regain their calm. Cannabis can improve one’s mood and even act as a sedative. However, the drug has to be taken in a lower dose. If it is taken in higher doses, cannabis can worsen the anxiety to the point of paranoia, which is why it is essential to ask your physician about the recommended dose before to avoid potential side effects.

Can Control PTSD

Research has proven that marijuana is appropriate for the treatment of PTSD, especially for war veterans. It has been analyzed that PTSD is amongst the number one causes that people get a medicinal license for marijuana in New Mexico. The health department has approved vaped or smoked cannabis for people suffering from PTSD. Understandably, cannabis is also used to control the nervous system that instigates stress, anxiety, and fear in the mind and body.

Final Thoughts

The health benefits of cannabis, as mentioned above, are part of the countless medical benefits of the herb. That said, it is quite puzzling how medical cannabis is still not internationally legalized and still carries social stigma and a negative reputation in some countries and states of the world. Nonetheless, with the continuous improvement and research in the scientific fields, we hope that this herb will turn into a distinguished cure for all kinds of major illnesses to benefit mankind.

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