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Marijuana for Epilepsy

The anticonvulsant properties of marijuana may be the oldest of its known medical benefits. Marijuana was used as a medicine for epilepsy by ancient societies in China, Africa, India, Greece and Rome.

Written testimonies of its usefulness, such as the one by Dr. W.B. O’Shaughnessy appeared in Western scientific journals in the 19th century. Dr. O’Shaughnessy’s classic account of the uses of marijuana in India was published by the Ohio Medical Society in 1860.

Some people with grand mal seizures say they can prevent their seizures entirely by smoking marijuana. Others, who suffer complex partial seizures, report that marijuana also curbs their symptoms and prevents loss of consciousness.

Some patients find that marijuana works in conjunction with other drugs they are taking. Others find that marijuana works best for them when it is used without other drugs. Either way, these epileptic patients have made marijuana a necessary part of their medical treatment.

People using marijuana to control epilepsy should be aware that withdrawal from any medication that controls seizures might leave you more susceptible to the seizures. Marijuana is no exception. Patients with epilepsy are advised to exercise caution when using oral THC because there is not sufficient knowledge about the convulsive or anti-convulsive properties of the single compound.

There is much evidence in the videos and links below, that Cannabis can treat or prevent seizures in epileptic patients, and more studies are being done to provide more solid evidence for medical books.








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