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Lab Sample D

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Lab Sample “D”


24%1.30%9Skunk #1 x Mazar



100% Indica
24% THC / 1.30% CBD
Skunk #1 x Mazar

Bloom Cycle:
9 weeks

Intense earthy chestnut

Sweet musky smell with a hint of wood varnish smell

Produces a euphoric, almost psychedelic experience

Dark green and extremely frosty with large trichomes and calyx’s. Frosted stems, and resin visible on all leaves.

Stress, general relaxation, spasticity, and spinal nerve pain. Great for medical patients with complaints of pain. We recommend this strain to any patient who lacks sleep or suffers from mild to acute body aches and headaches, especially migraines.  For a list of ailments treated: Click Here

An old Skunk variety crossed with Mazar. – Called LSD by the Farm crew because of its powerful trippy effect. Developed from ancient genetics long established in the Farm seed bank. Crossing Skunk #1 with a potent Mazar we have created a very powerful Indica strain. Barneys Farm L.S.D. Feminized is a hardy, disease resistant plant and it’s cannabis seeds responds well in all grow conditions. With just a little care and attention, the Barneys Farm L.S.D. Feminized strain will give the grower high yielding award winning powerful results. The flavor is intense earthy chestnut with a sweet musky smell. The Barney’s Farm LSD Feminized cannabis seeds produce a euphoric, almost psychedelic experience. It’s a super-trippy and very powerful stone, a Barney’s Farm special. Yield optimum indoor is 600 gr/m2, indoor height: 50 – 60 cm and flowering time is 60-65 days.

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