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Joint Pain Relief: What Are Your Options?

Do you know that at least one in every four adults in the US experience mild to severe joint pain? This rate estimates about 15 million people, including adults with severe joint pain due to arthritis. However, severe joint pain is more prevalent in women than men by 29.2%.

Other causes of severe joint pain apart from arthritis include dislocation, a broken bone, and bone cancer. Whichever the cause, joint pains can prevent you from leading a comfortable life. In worst cases, it even gets difficult to perform light exercises.

Fortunately, you can manage your pain by using a potent joint pain relief. There are many options in the market, but which one works? Which one doesn’t pose unnecessary risks to your health?

Find out more in this guide.

Physical Therapy

Another major cause of joint pain is being overweight. This can weaken your joints and ligaments, causing pain and instability. In that case, physical therapy can help stabilize the joint and relieve pain.

Physical therapists leverage techniques to relieve arthritis pain, including ultrasound and heat or cold therapy. Your therapist can also use manipulation or electrical nerve stimulation to help enhance the range of motion.

Medications for Joint Pain Relief

One of the best ways to relieve joint pain is through medications. If you’re experiencing severe pain, you can go for antidepressants. These drugs inhibit pain signals, making it easier to manage the condition.

OTC drugs, such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and celecoxib, can help with mild joint pain relief. Alternatively, patients can also go for topical agents that trigger endorphins secretion to block pain.

Marijuana for Joint Pain

Patients with severe joint pain can also take marijuana or CBD-derived products to manage the symptoms. They can be an excellent alternative if you want to reduce opioids intake. Marijuana compounds interact with cannabinoid receptors to inhibit pathways that signal pain.

However, marijuana and general CBD use is a controversial debate in the country. It will help if you check a guide on marijuana laws before using any product, especially if you’re touring a new place.


Some patients may not keep up with oral and topical medications. In that case, you can try injections, especially for arthritis pain relief. For instance, injections with steroids every few months are one of the most effective joint pain remedies.

Other injections include platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) and prolotherapy. PRP therapy introduces anti-inflammatory effects to soothe the joint. Injections through prolotherapy cause immune-modulating effects in the joints.

Best Home Practices for Managing Pain

It helps if adults know how to relieve joint pain at home with a few techniques. This mostly helps when managing mild joint pain after a dislocation. Besides avoiding activities that trigger pain, you can protect the injured joint with a wrap.

You can also ice the injured are regularly for about 15 minutes to prevent inflammation.

Know How to Relieve Joint Pain and Lead a Quality Life

Now that you know the best ways to relieve joint pain, it’s time to explore your option. Find the one that works among the joint pain remedies in this guide. Don’t forget to read more articles on this site for other tips on joint pain relief.

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